Hallways for narrow corridors

Hallways for narrow corridors

Any room, including the corridor, can be arranged in such a way that it is both functional and pleasing to the eye. At the same time, the area and layout are not of fundamental importance. The main thing is to take into account all the features of a narrow room and try to use them with maximum benefit.

So, even a narrow dark corridor can “play” and become the most comfortable place in the house. The secret of success in its transformation is a well-chosen wall covering and high-quality furniture. It is with all sorts of lockers and bedside tables for shoes that many people have problems.

Rules for choosing hallway furniture for a narrow corridor

So, choosing furniture for a narrow corridor is practically an art. There are several universal principles on which to base this case.

  1. The hallway should not be too bulky. Our task is not to force the most frequently visited room in a house or apartment, but to arrange it so that it is useful. Our corridor is narrow, that is, it should be furnished with the same hallway with many cabinets and shelves. To the best of your needs, a large wall can be installed in the corridor. Due to the size, you can reduce the width, so to speak, “stretch” it along the wall, thereby saving space.
  2. Functionality above all else>. The corridor is a service room in which it is customary to take off outerwear and change shoes. Often the coat needs drying. When choosing hallway furniture for a narrow corridor, you need to remember all these little things and give preference to a furniture set consisting of modules. They are easy to disassemble and arrange among themselves as convenient. In addition, unlike cabinet furniture, modular furniture can be purchased in parts, choosing and paying only for those parts that are really needed.
  3. Combine compatible. In modern culture, including in the interior, there is a growing fashion trend based on the combination of the incongruous. However, it is not always appropriate, especially in the design of the corridor, where there is no time for design frills. Of course, this does not mean at all that you should not give free rein to your imagination when decorating the hallway. However, at the same time, one should not forget about the specific purpose of this room and take it into account, especially in the matter of furnishing.

Cabinets, shelves, hangers…

The main component of furnishing the corridor is a closet. In a more or less spacious room, it would be nice to install a spacious closet. Behind its glass doors decorated with stained glass or patterns, you can hide a lot of things — clothes, shoes, travel bags and a thousand other everyday little things. However, it does not make sense to order a large closet in a narrow corridor — if it fits there, it will fill most of the space.

The ideal option is modular furniture, consisting of one or two solid sections or consisting of many components — cabinets, cabinets for shoes and shelves for all the necessary little things.

When choosing a hallway in a long narrow corridor, it is necessary to take into account not only its capacity, but also the texture and color. So, if, say, the room is covered with light wallpaper, it is hardly worth buying the same light furniture there. Firstly, it is impractical, since it will often have to be washed, and secondly, it runs the risk of “merging” with the background and losing its attractiveness. It is better to play on contrasts, given the combination of colors and shades. So, if the corridor is covered with gray wallpaper, it is better to choose furniture in cream colors. But the main thing that you should pay attention to when choosing hallways for narrow corridors is their dimensions. After all, the corridor should not look like a furniture warehouse — there should be a place in it not only for a closet, but also for other interior details.

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