Dressing room in the bedroom


Dressing room in the bedroom

Almost every bedroom has a wardrobe. But in our time, people began to give preference to a dressing room, regardless of whether the bedroom is small or large. If you weigh everything well, then the advantages, of course, will be on the side of the dressing room. Even if you take the space occupied by the closet under the dressing room, you can advantageously occupy the space from floor to ceiling.

At first, it will seem that in a small room there is not enough space for the most necessary things, but with a competent approach, everything is possible. The most suitable room to place a dressing room is the bedroom, here you will have the opportunity to have everything at hand, and also use it to store items such as an iron or vacuum cleaner, and maybe a folding ironing board.

Everything is close, near, at hand

Usually, a dressing room is arranged in a specially designated place for it, or (if any) in a bedroom niche. Sometimes it is placed along the longest wall of the bedroom, or they occupy some corner of the room under it, and the headboard rests against one of the walls of the corner dressing room. This solution saves more space.

As a standard, the entire area of ​​​​the built-in wardrobe is occupied by shelves and hangers, racks for shoes, accessories for belts and ties, various boxes, it all depends on the taste of the owner of the bedroom. Here you can also change clothes and shoes, which is very convenient, or put an ottoman or a chair — in general, there is room for fantasy to roam.

Dressing room design

At the moment, there are a great many developed designs for equipping a dressing room in the bedroom. Let’s consider some of them.

If the bedroom is small, then a mini dressing room will be perfectly located in it, which does not take up much space, where you can put only the most necessary things, in addition, its doors can be replaced with curtains or not installed at all, this will visually expand the space quite well.

In a large bedroom, you can allocate more space for a dressing room than in a small room. An excellent solution for a dressing room would be to fence it off from the bedroom with the help of drywall, the so-called «room in a room» is obtained.

The corner dressing room in the bedroom does not have to be a separate room, it looks like an ordinary closet, but it is located where any other furniture will not fit. So it takes up a minimum of space, but is quite roomy and functional. This is a great option for a small bedroom.

If your bedroom is located in the attic or in the attic, then this is the perfect option for a dressing room. This is a great opportunity to make your dream of luxury as a private walk-in closet combined with a bedroom come true. Here you can place a bed against an inclined wall, which are usually found in the attic, and build a dressing room along a high wall. The doors of such a dressing room can be made sliding, or you can make an accordion, which is also very convenient. It is worth taking care of the lighting of the dressing room, it should be bright and thoughtful.

DIY dressing room

Everything that we discussed earlier is ready-made wardrobes, but you can arrange a dressing room for the bedroom yourself. At the same time, it must be remembered that you will need an area with dimensions of at least 1.5 and 2 m.

Again, you should not forget about the size of the bedroom where you are going to make a dressing room, since many nuances depend on the dimensions of the room, for example, the same doors. A dressing room with mirrored doors is suitable here.

We wish you to equip your bedroom with your own dressing room!


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