Design of attic rooms

Design of attic rooms

Modern trends in the design of the premises suggest the most rational use of each free square meter. That is why now, more than ever, it is prestigious and fashionable to use the design of attic rooms to turn them into a comfortable, residential and unusual place for a person to live. The only cardinal difference of this habitat option is its location under the roof itself, which does not affect the quality of use.

Basic rules for the design of a room on the attic floor

Given the fact that the layout of the attic is initially non-standard, it is worth trying to turn this small flaw into incredible opportunities and advantages. You can do this if you follow the following guidelines:

  • since the height of the attic is small, light and pastel finishes will help to visually expand the space and give it height;
  • if it is not possible to correctly divide the room with furnishings, then it is worth using the zoning method;
  • the main components of a successful attic arrangement are properly selected lighting and the lightness of all furniture elements;
  • maximum simplicity and the presence of only the necessary furniture;
  • a touch of style and sophistication will be given by small decorative elements;
  • visually make the room smaller will help large patterns on the walls or red-yellow shades in the decoration.

Design of bedrooms in attic rooms

Such a romantic idea as arranging a bedroom in the attic finds positive responses in the hearts of many people. There are just a lot of options for such a transformation of the attic, and here are just a few of them:

  • for those who like to wake up in a great mood, a golden ceiling and white walls will do. It is acceptable to use other shades, except for yellow. Furniture and textiles should be combined with the ceiling;
  • the effect of a hunting lodge will help to achieve rough wooden furniture, unvarnished lining on the walls and ceiling, animal skins on the floors and handmade textiles;
  • a small attic bedroom will look much more spacious if the walls and ceiling are finished in white or light shades, and the furniture is made in dark colors. The flooring should also be pastel, perhaps blue, pink or light green;
  • the presence of beams on the ceiling obliges either to darken them or paint them to match the base.

Design of a children’s room in the attic

Every child strives to live away from the parental eye. Therefore, the design of the attic room for a teenager always arouses great delight and joy in the latter. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on color and material here. However, one rule should be observed: all finishes must be natural and safe for health.

Parents of young children are advised to visually divide the room into a play area and a sleeping area, which can be done using contrasting colors, furniture or decorative elements. If the attic windows face south, then it is preferable to use a mixture of cold and warm tones in the decoration of the room. Otherwise, the room will seem hot and sultry.

The presence of western windows dictates other rules. Care must be taken to purchase good blinds that protect the child’s sleep from the rays of the setting sun. The best option is the northern and eastern windows, which make it possible to make up for the lack of sunlight with warm and bright wall and textile decoration.

The kitchen in the attic should be equipped only when it has enough space to accommodate the dining area and cooking space. It is also necessary to have a panoramic view, otherwise the whole idea will lose its meaning.

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