Corridor furniture

Corridor furniture

Any apartment, even the smallest one, has a corridor. It is in this room that everyone enters. Therefore, when choosing furniture for the corridor, you must, first of all, be guided by its functionality, that is, convenience. Although, of course, you should not forget about aesthetics.

Tastes could not be discussed

Each person has their own understanding of beauty. It is it that guides us when choosing furniture, including for the corridor. Plays a role, of course, and the area of ​​office space. So, if it is only a few square meters, then the chosen luxurious leather set or massive oak cabinets and chests of drawers simply will not fit there.

The same is true with color. Again, what is ideal for someone is absolutely unacceptable for another, and here it is difficult to advise something universal. The interior of the corridor is the embodiment of the tastes of the owners. However, there are general principles that should be followed.

  1. You need to choose hallway furniture for a narrow corridor and any other, based on your needs. An ideal option for hallways is cabinet sets. They consist of many autonomous parts (shelves, chests of drawers, cabinets) that can be purchased selectively and arranged as you wish.
  2. You need to combine only what is compatible, that is, all elements of the interior should live in harmony with each other. For example, if a wardrobe is designed in the Art Nouveau style and is the epitome of clean lines, then a Victorian chest of drawers next to it will look gaudy to say the least.
  3. Let’s not forget about color. Today in the corridors you can see headsets of various colors and shades — from pale pink to dark purple. However, you should not forget about the combination of colors. So, if the cabinets and shelves in the hallway are dark, it is advisable to add a few light spots in the form of white or beige shelves to the furniture. By the way, they are ideal for storing various small items (keys, key rings, wallets), which are much easier to “get lost” on a light background than on a dark one.

Furniture for a narrow corridor

The «scourge» of small apartments is the narrowness of the corridors. But even such a small space can be equipped with special furniture. So, collapsible furniture is ideal for a narrow corridor. For example, in the corner of such a room, you can install a tall narrow wardrobe for outerwear or attach a shelf for hats with hooks, and place a nightstand under it.

A multi-level chest of drawers for storing shoes ideally “fits” into such small-sized rooms.

If the hallway is very small …

Even in a small corridor, furniture can be selected so that its functionality increases. Naturally, everything bulky and bulky will have to be abandoned. But a narrow hallway with a closet for outerwear, several lockers, equipped according to the mezzanine principle, and many small shelves will ideally “fit in” there. Variations on this theme are innumerable. If you search, you can also find a miniature ottoman, on which it is convenient to change shoes while sitting. Its upholstery, as well as the tone of the furniture, should be in harmony with the color of the walls in the corridor.

…or long

Furniture for a long corridor is not as difficult to choose as in the previous case. An ideal option for such premises is a spacious closet. You can hide not only seasonal clothes in it. There is also a place for shoes, hats, various accessories. Its main advantage is custom-made production of any parameters and design. If there are no small children in the family, the doors can be safely ordered from glass and decorated with an intricate pattern or mosaic.

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