Corner hallways into a small corridor

Corner hallways into a small corridor

The view of the hallway creates the first impression of your home. That is why you need to try in every possible way to transform even tiny hallways. Beautiful hallways in the corridor, for example, corner ones, can help with this.

The main benefit of such structures is the combination of their aesthetic characteristics with unconditional practicality. Agree, if the space is huge, then choosing such furniture to taste is not a problem. But in the presence of a narrow corridor, to acquire an exquisite hallway that would fit not only the things of your family, but also guests — this is no longer an easy task.

First you need to understand what elements are difficult to do without in a hallway of any size and layout, including a corner one. This is necessary so that in search of a suitable size you do not deprive yourself of the necessary.

Important characteristics of hallways

  1. Corner hallways in a small corridor should be in pleasant, light colors. The fact is that dark hallways can completely capture the attention of the incoming person and visually reduce the already tiny space. Do not forget about the harmony of furniture with the overall finish and texture of the corridor.
  2. A large mirror is an important detail of every hallway. In addition to the practical value for residents, thanks to which you can evaluate the appearance before leaving, such an element will reflect light and visually expand the quadrature.
  3. A roomy nightstand for shoes is a mandatory attribute of the hallway. It can accommodate both outdoor shoes and slippers.
  4. Make sure that the hallway is equipped with at least one shelf — store hats and scarves on it.
  5. Usually, several hooks for outerwear, umbrellas and handbags are placed under the shelf.
  6. A wardrobe for outerwear is the main element of the corner hallway in a small corridor. Keep it small, but if possible closed — this will protect things from home smells (for example, from the kitchen), and also will not allow street dust to spread throughout your home.

The stores offer a large selection of corner hallways in narrow corridors that contain the listed set of elements without taking up much space. If you do not find the option you need, try ordering it yourself by selecting the parameters and designing it. If you search carefully, you can find a company that will make an individual entrance hall for you, which will not be much more expensive than a store one.

Such hallways are able to qualitatively perform all the functions assigned to them, making the most of all the usable space of the corridor, including the corners. At the same time, often their depth does not exceed 45 cm, which is enough for hangers and all kinds of shelves. Therefore, if the entrance hall in your apartment is small, and even in the form of a corridor — do not rush to get upset, but correctly select a compact corner model.

Choosing a material

As in the case of design, there is a huge choice of materials from which corner hallways are made for small corridors. It all depends on your financial capabilities. If the budget allows, feel free to choose high-quality natural wood. It always looks decent and lasts a long time.

A more affordable option is corner hallways made of chipboard or laminated MDF. There is one trick here: upholstery of such an inexpensive material with natural wood veneer will give it the appearance of a solid wooden set.

And remember — you should not save too much on furniture, because it is not in vain that they say that «the miser pays twice.» Having chosen a high-quality hallway once, you will enjoy the beauty for a long time and receive flattering reviews from guests.

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