Children’s room for two girls


Children's room for two girls

Decorating a child’s room for a girl is not at all such a difficult task as it might seem at first. It is not difficult to organize an interior aimed at decorating a space for two sisters, since common girlish hobbies still make it possible to create a common place for spending free time.

The layout of a children’s room for a girl involves the solution of several issues. First of all, this is the choice of style: elegant classics are always in fashion, country music will help lovers dream of creating an atmosphere of suburban romance, who are too businesslike at their young age will appreciate the brightness of modern modernity or the rigor and minimalism of hi-tech. Some of the girls prefer ethnic style, and some feel great only in a harmoniously existing eclecticism.

Room for young princesses

Whatever style you choose to decorate the children’s room of your girls, anyone can convey the brightness and individuality of the children’s character. But still, before choosing color combinations and shades, consult with your children. If the girls are still small, pay attention to their behavior, what toys they take more willingly, what color they are drawn to. And you can read the advice of psychologists.

Let’s go through the colors that can be added to the design of the girly territory. Red is an active color, it calls to action. Pink is more romantic and a little frivolous. Yellow — like a ray of sunshine, invigorates, develops intelligence, as well as intuition.

Orange is loved by Buddhist monks because it is life-affirming, develops patience, and attracts energy. Green shades neutralize negative emotions, soothe the brighter colors present in the interior. The blue tint brings the inner state to harmony. Purple is the color of mysticism, more suitable for a teenage girl’s nursery than others, as it helps to raise one’s own self-esteem.

This is the opinion of psychologists about some colors. But the choice, of course, is yours.

Arrangement of a room for two girls

If you have chosen a classic design for a nursery, you can choose cribs made of wood and decorated with beautiful carvings. Girls will love both colorful textiles and hand-painted. Well, the neoclassical style is suitable for girls’ rooms of any age.

For cheerful and romantic natures, as well as for gatherings with girlfriends, patchwork elements in design are suitable. In this style, you can make a wall that will look original and stylish.

For little fairies, you can arrange a canopy over the bed. Moreover, this element of decor will create a visually secluded atmosphere of your own boudoir, which will hide the young coquette even from the curiosity of your sister.

There are many ideas, but now let’s talk about one more point, which is decided in the process of planning a nursery for two girls. Furniture installation options are born from the size of the children’s room for girls, as well as from their age. For example, if your girls are active preschoolers, you can place the beds along the walls or at an angle to each other to leave more free space for games.

Zoning a children’s room for girls of school age should take into account the arrangement of a full-fledged workplace for both. It is necessary to arrange the furniture in such a way that the natural light source is equally accessible to each of the sisters.

If the room is small, girls can install a bunk bed and pay more attention to the work area and the recreation area.


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