Children’s room for two boys

Children's room for two boys

Are you a happy parent of two boys and you have to arrange a room for them? Don’t be afraid of the work ahead. We will offer you some ideas for the layout of the children’s room for your older boy and his younger brother.

Boys Room Design Ideas

Arrangement of a children’s room for boys of preschool and school age is usually based on several topics that are especially close to them. First of all, it is the sea, which “loves” shades of blue, blue, red and white. In the design process, you can use a starfish, ropes, a steering wheel and a ship model.

Modern children’s rooms for boys are sometimes decorated in a zoological theme. Colors will be appropriate here: green and light green, yellow and white. You can add toy animals, images of trees and animals to the interior.

It is possible to decorate a children’s room in a sporty style, which is especially important for a boy. If one of your sons loves football, use green on his half. For a ski lover, choose white and blue. Even the bed can be chosen in the style of «sport». It may look like a gate with a net. For a future skier, the bed can be “attached” with skis instead of legs.

Any boy will love a room that has a car theme, airplanes and something that says about travel. Black, gray, red, white, and also blue colors are relevant here. The interior should be enriched with models of airplanes, balloons, trains, globes and maps.

A children’s room for two is everything multiplied by two!

Options for children’s rooms for boys are calculated based on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nursery and the age of the children. For kids, you can use bright accents, as well as zone the space so that there is a lot of space left for toys. For older children, the decor should be more restrained, but not at all boring.

It’s a little more difficult when two brothers with a significant age difference live in the same nursery. After all, a children’s room for a teenage boy needs a different design than a preschooler or first grader. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the zoning of the children’s room so that each boy has his own personal space. If the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room does not allow the imagination to roam, you can compensate for this shortcoming by arranging a bunk bed for the brothers.

Some Tips

To save space in the children’s room, install a closet, which also fits a lot of things boys. The bed can have drawers, or a mounted pull-out bed.

A workplace for boys in the case of a small space should be arranged by the window, because the access of light should be the same for both. And long curtains can be replaced with roller blinds or even blinds.

The decor of a child’s room for a boy can be complemented by properly planned lighting. For example, hanging lights can be installed in the communication area. Adjustable lamps will be in place in the study area. As for local lighting, it is mandatory in the workplace, in the storage and sleep areas. The design of the lamps is determined by the general style of the nursery, designed for two boys.

The sports part must be present in any nursery, it must compensate for the long sitting at the table during classes. In addition to the closet, you can place bean bags in the room, which can fit a significant part of the toys. Remember, each decor element should support the entire design and be as functional as possible.

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