Children’s bed-transformer with chest of drawers

Children's bed-transformer with chest of drawers

The main task of the designer today is not just the beautiful design of the room, but also the maximum use of space and filling it with functional pieces of furniture. It is especially difficult to choose the right furniture for a child. It is important to take into account the features of its manufacture, the period of operation and the area occupied. The children’s chest of drawers has become very popular among modern mothers. Increasingly, instead of traditional beds, they prefer just such a design.

Bed-dresser for children — advantages and disadvantages

Obviously, there are many more advantages, and therefore the popularity of this type of crib is growing every day.

  1. The issue of a bed for a long time is being resolved. You buy a crib not just for a long time, but for a dozen years. She practically «grows» with the baby. Initially, this is a single unit from a bed, a chest of drawers and a changing table. With the growing up of the baby, the appearance changes and the design is gradually disassembled.
  2. You save a lot. In addition to the fact that you purchase several pieces of furniture at once, you will not have to purchase new ones for a different age of the baby in a couple of years. Previously, we first purchased a crib for children up to three or four years old, then another one for babies from four to twelve. Now you can purchase a «maturing» bed only once.
  3. A transforming children’s bed with a chest of drawers is quite compact, so this is a great solution for small rooms.
  4. Like all children’s furniture, the crib is made of wood in pleasant light shades. In addition, they are often decorated with various carved patterns. In other words, you purchase furniture for a separate nursery in advance, because first you can put a crib in the parents’ bedroom, and then disassemble it into separate units and equip the nursery.

As for the minuses, they are more related to the design features. So some models «sin» with small incapacious boxes. Sometimes manufacturers make furniture that is too bulky or choose a shade of veneer that is too dark, looking ahead and relying on long-term operation.

Children’s chest of drawers — design options

A transforming children’s bed with a chest of drawers can take the form of a separate bed and bedside table. There are models where the lower drawers are also dismantled and turned into bookshelves, and the changing table transforms into a desk top. In other words, you can prepare several pieces of furniture for your child’s room in advance.

A bed-chest for two children is slightly different in its appearance. Here, instead of the lower drawers, another berth is put forward. In some ways, this is an alternative to bunk beds.

A loft bed with a chest of drawers is one of the examples of how you can organize not only a sleeping place, but also a workplace. There are models for one and two children at once. In the first case, you can place a desk or a small wardrobe under the bed. If this is a model with two beds, then the working area moves back a little and in its place there is another bed. The steps of the bed-chest for two children can be made in the form of drawers or a small wardrobe.

The bed-dresser for teenagers has a similar configuration as models with stairs. The only difference is in the materials used: plastic partitions, metal racks and modern design are more suitable here. For small rooms, a folding chest of drawers will be an excellent solution. During the day, the design really looks like a chest of drawers, as the bed rises and its lower part becomes a door.

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