Carpet zebra


carpet zebra

Any interior looks boring when there is no bright detail in it. The zebra carpet will definitely become an exotic highlight that will decorate the interior of the apartment and give it originality.

Zebra Carpet Features

The natural color of the zebra is defiantly beautiful, especially this print is suitable for a strict interior. It is used to decorate a home in an African style or a black and white minimalist interior, hi-tech.

A zebra carpet is created from natural animal skin or artificial material, dyed in black and white tones of a characteristic pattern. The imitation of an animal skin is almost the same as the real one, but the carpet does not require such painstaking care.

Animal prints are quite popular in the interior. They can be made both in the traditional black and white version, and in fantasy — pink, brown, blue. The shape of the carpet can imitate the skin of an animal laid out on the floor or has traditional rectangular, oval, round outlines.

Reviews of the owners of the grensten carpet (artificial zebra skin) are quite positive. It is soft, has a smooth texture, pleasant to the touch. These rugs are easy to care for, they can even be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. At the same time, the product will not lose its shape and quality characteristics.

The design of the bedroom will look especially cozy with a zebra carpet by the bed. The main thing is not to overload the room with other bright details, use plain furniture of a laconic form, so as not to unbalance the overall color scheme. In the bedroom, it will go well with pale blue, turquoise, aquamarine.

A zebra-like carpet placed in the room will become the leading element of the interior, it will attract attention from the first minutes of being in the room. It will emphasize the bold character of the owners of the house, make the interior unique.


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