Carpet mat

carpet mat

Lint-free carpet mat is a stylish and practical floor covering. Such a canvas is made by weaving threads in a checkerboard pattern manually or on special machines. Products differ in different texture, thickness, design, shades.

Features of carpet-mat

A mat is a rug made from vegetable fibers of jute, sisal, reed, rice, flax. Such a product is quite durable and easily withstands heavy loads, you can safely put furniture on it.

The shape of the mat can be either a large carpet, which can easily cover the entire room, or a small path.

The structure of the weaving of the carpet allows it to be used on both sides, this does not change the appearance of the coating. Most often, the rug is glued around the edges with latex, cotton, so that it lasts longer.

Thanks to modern weaving technologies and the latest materials, the mats have a wide selection of all kinds of patterns and patterns — the classic design of an oriental carpet, geometric shapes, flowers, floral ornaments.

Wicker mats are made in different shapes — round, oval, rectangular with different aspect ratios. Such products are usually produced in natural colors — beige, greenish, brown, gray. They fit perfectly into modern and classic interiors.

Mats have a massage effect when walking, do not cause allergies. Thanks to the embossed, lint-free surface, they are easy to clean — vacuum or wipe with a damp cloth. Most often, mat carpets are laid in the kitchen, in the hallway, in places with high traffic, and are used in the country. The large weave structure does not retain dirt and dust.

Carpets-mats bring a special atmosphere to the living space, become a decoration of the house.

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