Carpet in the children’s room


Carpet in the children's room

When decorating the interior of a children’s room, the choice of carpet for the floor is very important. Many parents doubt whether it is worth buying at all? After all, it is believed that it collects dust and can cause allergies. But there is also an opposite opinion:

  • the carpet protects the child from injury when falling;
  • floor covering warms in winter and protects the baby from colds;
  • the carpet has good sound insulation and softens the noise from the children’s running around or from the steps of the mother during the child’s sleep;
  • the right color of the carpet develops the child and is a place to play.

It turns out that the carpet in the nursery is needed. But it is very important when choosing it to follow certain rules and take into account the peculiarities of children’s physiology and development.

How to choose the right carpet for the nursery?

  1. The most important thing to pay attention to is the material from which it is made. It is believed that the best coverage of natural materials: linen, cotton, silk or wool. But such carpets are very expensive, difficult to care for and short-lived. Therefore, most often parents buy coverings made of synthetic or mixed materials. But when buying, you must definitely pay attention to whether there is a strong smell coming from the carpet. Most often, synthetic carpets do not cause allergies, are easy to clean and are inexpensive.
  2. For a children’s carpet on the floor, the length of the pile is also very important. It will be good for a small child to crawl on a soft surface with a long nap, fall gently on it and play warmly on it. But many experts do not recommend laying such carpets in the nursery. It is believed that because of the long pile, the baby’s gait can deteriorate, it becomes more dirty and accumulates a lot of dust, and small toys and designer parts get tangled in it. Therefore, it is recommended for children’s carpets with a short pile, which are also soft and pleasant to the touch.
  3. And what size to choose for a carpet in a children’s room? Many parents prefer to cover the entire floor with carpet, removing its edges under the baseboard. This option has, of course, advantages. For example, the fact that the child will not stumble on the edge of the carpet, he will not slip and wrap himself. But for a child’s room, this is still an undesirable option. After all, you will not be able to remove and clean it, which is very important to do in the nursery regularly. Over time, a lot of dust will accumulate in it, which you cannot remove with a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Therefore, it is more preferable to lay a carpet in the nursery that is not removed under the furniture. So you can highlight the play area in the room or put a rug by the bed. It will be easy to clean up by removing and shaking out the carpet. In this regard, small rugs or long rugs are most convenient. But their disadvantages include the fact that they tuck and ride on the floor during children’s games.

  5. When choosing a carpet, you should also focus on the desires and preferences of the baby himself. The floor covering will be not only an addition to the interior, but also a place for games. For example, a children’s carpet with roads provides a huge scope for the kid’s imagination, allows you to entertain your child with exciting games without buying additional devices. This carpet is universal, as you can not only play on it, but also learn the rules of the road. In this regard, it is more difficult to choose a children’s carpet for a boy, because he is unlikely to like the floor covering with flowers or animals.

When designing a child’s room, there are many factors to consider. And approach the purchase of all interior details with special care. After all, not only the mood of your baby, but also his health, safety and development will depend on this.


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