carpet grass


carpet grass

Grass carpet is a fairly popular floor covering these days. It is a fluffy product of green color. This texture fascinates with its softness and airy thickness due to the long pile.

In the manufacture of such carpets, both natural (cotton, wool) and artificial (viscose) materials are used.

The length of the pile can be from 2 to 10 cm. The higher the density index, the thicker and better the carpet is considered. This means that its heat and sound insulation, practicality and wear resistance increase. The elasticity of the pile is responsible for the deformation of the carpet. You need to press the carpet with your hand and release. The faster the pile returns to its original position, the less noticeable will be traces of furniture.

Carpet grass — lawn in the house

For a carpet in the form of grass in the house, not all places are suitable. It is undesirable to lay a product with a long pile in the children’s room if the baby is still small and very active, and in places with a high degree of traffic. In addition, it is also not advisable for allergy sufferers to «deal» with grass carpet. You also need to pay attention to the basis of the carpet. A felt base is considered more practical than jute material. In other cases, grass imitation carpet is an excellent choice for creating coziness and comfort in the house. It is ideal for the bedroom and nursery (if the child is over 5 years old).

Products with different pile lengths look spectacular. They may resemble a real lawn with various patterns, but the price of such a masterpiece increases significantly.

Caring for a long pile carpet is standard: vacuuming as it gets dirty, dry cleaning twice a year, removing stains with professional detergents.

The green grass carpet pleases the eye with rich color, creates a feeling of calmness and closeness to nature. Grass carpet is a modern interior element that helps to create comfort and coziness in the house for many years to come.


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