Bedroom wallpaper color

bedroom wallpaper color

You do not know what color wallpaper to choose in the bedroom to feel cozy and calm? It is extremely important to correctly determine the color scheme, because colors have a direct impact on the well-being and emotional state of a person.

Green wallpaper for the bedroom

This color is great for the bedroom, it promotes relaxation and calms the nervous system. Psychologists advise hot-tempered and emotional people to choose green wallpapers. The atmosphere of peace that will reign in the green bedroom will neutralize the owner’s hyperactivity and relieve stress after a hard day. The color of summer greenery is perfect for a children’s bedroom.

However, if you choose a color that is too bright or gloomy, the room can become tedious or annoying. Delicate pistachio, olive, green tea color will be the best options. It is not difficult to choose curtains for such a bedroom, the green color goes well with others (the exception is rich purple).

Blue wallpaper for the bedroom

Experts are convinced that the color blue has a good effect on sexuality. He gives confidence to a woman, and arouses passion in a man. But do not rush to glue blue wallpaper in the bedroom if you are a romantic who loves tenderness. This color destroys sensuality, besides, you will quickly get tired of sleeping constantly in a blue room. It is better to decorate the room with blue accessories (a blanket, pillows), or paste wallpaper with blue fragments. Such a bedroom will look sensual and original.

Fuchsia wallpaper in the bedroom

Fuchsia includes all purples and hot pinks. This is the most unusual color scheme for the bedroom. Many prefer a calm color scheme, conducive to rest and sleep, and only the most daring choose the color of fuchsia.

Please note that making such a bedroom too dark or bright is not worth it. The fuchsia color looks good with a natural wood floor, wicker furniture, natural dense fabrics, crafts from the gifts of nature. A winning option is a combination of fuchsia with a chocolate tint.

Pink wallpaper for the bedroom

A bedroom in pink is perfect for newlyweds. Delicate shades of wallpaper will create an aura of love and tenderness, which will be transmitted to lovers. Also, pink wallpaper in the bedroom is suitable for sensitive people prone to sentimentality.

Psychologists are sure that the pink color has a beneficial effect on the human body, gives a feeling of comfort and normalizes sleep. It goes great with white.

Lilac bedroom wallpaper

A well-designed bedroom with lilac wallpaper is the perfect place to sleep and relax. Such a non-standard solution is perfect for both a delicate female interior and a solid male one. It is enough to know the basic rules for decorating a room in lilac color. For example, if all the walls of the bedroom are pasted over with lilac wallpaper, then the ceiling and textiles should be decorated in white. You can also do the opposite. Such harmony will make the interior very cozy.

Wallpaper of two colors in the bedroom

Colors in the bedroom can be combined. It is better that these are two shades of the same color. Remember that two saturated colors cannot exist together. But if you choose different colors, one of them should be pastel. For example, rich orange and pale blue, not blue.

Experiment with colors carefully. To make the room look elegant, use up to three colors.

Using a combination of wallpaper colors in the bedroom, an overly elongated room can be visually expanded. To do this, the walls near the window should be pasted over with wallpaper darker, and at the door — lighter. If the bedroom is square, highlight only one wall with a rich shade. Please note that the color in these cases should be one, and the shades are different. A small room can only be expanded with light pastel wallpaper.

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