Bedroom in Italian style

Bedroom in Italian style

One of the most important places in our house is the bedroom. Guests do not look into it, here you can stay alone with each other or with yourself. It is to the design of the bedroom that special requirements are made in order to feel calm and relaxed in it.

The Italian-style bedroom is saturated with a wonderful atmosphere of love and warmth. It successfully combines antique style and country, that is, rustic simplicity and at the same time, ancient luxury. In our article we will talk about how to arrange such a bedroom, and what is needed for this.

Italian style bedroom design

For the decoration of the floor and walls, mainly natural materials are used, in particular, stone and wood. In this case, the tree, as a rule, is oak and pine, in its pure form, or varnished.

The color scheme for the walls should be selected light, often taken as a basis for ivory. The Italian temperament is also well emphasized: red, green, blue, lavender, orange, yellow and brown. Walls can be covered with Italian-style wallpaper, finished with wood or plaster in pastel, terracotta or yellow tones.

The ceilings of the Italian-style bedroom are mostly white, and it is customary to use stucco decorations as decor. Natural stone is used to finish the floor: marble and granite. You can also lay cherry or mahogany.

Italian style bedroom interior design

For luxurious interiors, it is necessary to choose the appropriate furniture, if it is a more modest type, respectively, it will be without all sorts of decorative decorations. But still, in any case, Italian-style bedroom furniture is a couple of bedside tables near the bed, an elegant chest of drawers, a coffee table, chairs and a wardrobe. The main decoration is a high wrought-iron or wooden bed with a headboard decorated with rich upholstery or carvings. as textiles for the bed can be a fabric in a blue, greenish tone, reminiscent of olive trees and vineyards.

In Italian-style interior design, textiles are very actively used, so you should pay attention to pillows and a blanket that match the color scheme of the textiles on the windows. As curtains, dense light or white fabrics are usually chosen, or decor in a green and white cage.

Sculptures, paintings, a mirror in a sophisticated gilded or wooden frame and candlesticks can become decoration for an Italian-style bedroom.

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