bathroom mirror


Of course, it is difficult to imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Someone is content with a small reflection, in the case of combining a mirror with a shelf, and someone can afford to look at the “silver canvas” almost in full growth. Of course, the dimensions and models of mirrors directly depend on the parameters of the room in which they will hang.

Illuminated mirrors are actively gaining consumer interest. This is not surprising. As a rule, a bath is a room in which there is no natural light, that is, there is no window. And it often happens that the main light source is not enough for the owners to properly carry out all the necessary procedures. A woman, for example, may experience difficulty during the application of morning makeup, and a man during shaving. An illuminated mirror makes it possible to avoid these difficulties, and also allows you to create a gloomy atmosphere while taking a bath, in the absence of lamps and candles.

You can purchase a mirror with a bath shelf with built-in lighting. And you can organize the backlight yourself by choosing the right lamps. But, in addition to the right choice, the correct location of the illuminating devices for the mirror is also necessary. The same bathroom is usually used by both a man and a woman, so you need to consider the preferences of both parties. Vertical lighting is great for applying makeup, while horizontal lighting is great for shaving. But in order not to suffer with switches, you can install horizontal lighting on the mirror, and on the sides, on the walls of the bathroom, mount independent lamps.

Space optimization

If the bathroom is small, then in order to optimize space and ensure ease of use, the mirror is selected and mounted together with the shelf. Thus, we save space and create the convenience of using the necessary tools.

Another way to properly use the space in the bathroom is to install a cabinet with a mirror. This is a great way to conveniently fold bathroom items without cluttering the room. The mirror, combined with the cabinet, fits perfectly into the bathroom interior. The dimensions of the mirror can occupy half of the cabinet door, or completely correspond to its dimensions.

Hanging bathroom mirror

For a modern bathroom design, a wall-mounted mirror without a frame and with internal lighting is perfect. Such minimalism emphasizes the overall style of the room and a sense of good taste. If your bathroom is made in a classic style, then a mirror in the wall, framed in wood or other natural material, is perfect in this case.

The size of the mirror depends on the size of the room. If the bathroom is spacious, then a large rectangular hanging mirror without a frame on the background of the tiles will be a wonderful decoration of the room.

In the matter of installing a mirror in the bathroom, in addition to shapes and lighting, attention should also be paid to its technical characteristics. Be sure to choose an option that will be resistant to moisture. If you do not immediately pay attention to this, then after a short time, in addition to your reflection, you will also begin to notice dark spots that cannot be removed.

The quality of the mirror is determined by the material that was used for its base, it is aluminum or silver. More reliable and durable, and therefore more expensive base is silver. In aggressive operating conditions, the use of this type of coating is more beneficial.


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