Bathroom finishing

Bathroom finishing

The choice of cladding method in a given room depends on many factors. In addition to an excellent decorative look, the material must be moisture resistant, durable and resist decay, so that after a few months you do not start a new repair. If wood or wallpaper is suitable for a spacious modern bathroom, then this should not be done in a modest Khrushchev, the walls will instantly become moldy and lose their attractiveness. Here are a few options for an example that will help readers figure it out on the eve of complex repairs.

Types of decorative bathroom finishes

  1. Bathroom tiling. The tile differs in hardness, it perfectly resists moisture, does not collapse under the influence of a fungus. This material is simply created for finishing floors and walls in the bathroom. You can find almost any color scheme, diversifying the interior of your choice. Usually the floor is tiled with a darker tile material than the walls. This technique will visually expand the space and raise the ceilings. Using material with ornaments or laying out patterns will give the bathroom a more fun and original look.
  2. Finishing the bathroom with plastic panels. In fact, this is the most affordable option for facing a room in our time. The arrangement of the frame is not a difficult task, it does not require significant funds and is within the power of any user. The installation of the panels themselves is also very simple. In addition, plastic panels are great not only for walls, they are a popular material for finishing the ceiling of the bath. You can hide under them all the communications and wiring that encircle the room. The color and texture of PVC panels, despite their low cost, allow solving many design problems.
  3. Bathroom wood trim. Not every tree can be used for this type of work. The wood species must be well resistant to water, various microorganisms (fungi, bacteria), which often develop in a humid environment. Suitable domestic oak, ash, elm. These rocks have a low deformation coefficient. You can also buy imported material that has proven itself well for these works — bamboo, cork, merbau and others. In any case, the board, despite its origin, must be treated with water-repellent and antifungal compounds. Most often, the tree is used in the form of a glued board or lining. The main advantage of such a cladding is an extremely cozy, stylish and elegant look of the room, as well as a healthy microclimate that this natural material creates.
  4. Mosaic bathroom decoration. Modern mosaics are made from glass, ceramics, stone. According to its characteristics, it is not inferior to ordinary tiles, this material is very durable, even with constant contact with water, it is great for the bathroom. From it you can lay out both large paintings and make mosaic inserts that look pretty chic on the walls and floor. Of course, it is difficult for a beginner to stick a large panel, you need to treat the surface well, choose the right glue, and be able to work with this delicate material. But color patterns transform the room so effectively that all costs pay off instantly.
  5. Bathroom wallpaper. If you like wallpaper so much that you decide to take the risk of using it in the bathroom, then you need to choose exclusively polymer-based materials — washable vinyl wallpaper. They are not afraid of steam, and even a short-term hit by jets of water. An alternative option may be the use of fiberglass, which are environmentally friendly, durable and good water resistance, a good variety of textures. By the way, they can be repainted up to 20 times with latex or water-based coloring compositions.
  6. Finishing the bathroom with stone or brick. We note right away that this, although royal, is a very expensive solution for facing a room. Much depends on the type of stone. For example, natural marble, granite or quartzite will cost more than artificial decorative stone or brick. As a floor covering in this room, reliable and picky porcelain stoneware is perfect, which, unlike marble, is resistant to almost any aggressive detergents. With such a finish, you need to know when to stop, without turning a gloomy bathroom into a cave. It is recommended to alternate stone with light plaster or wallpaper, fill the room with bright lighting.

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