Wooden panels for interior wall decoration

wood paneling for interior walls

Wood wall panels for interior wall decoration are the most expensive type of material produced from solid hardwoods such as oak, cedar, alder or maple. They have a pronounced texture and an attractive pattern of wood fibers, emphasizing the respectability and solidity of the interior. Important advantages of wood panels are naturalness and environmental friendliness. They have high quality, sound insulation, heat insulation and water resistance.

Main features of wood panels

In terms of shape, wall panels are divided into three subspecies — rack (consist of boards of different widths), square tiled and sheet (large in size).

For decorative finishes, a wide palette of wood shades, mirror inserts, colored lacquer, carving, and gilding are actively used. Embossed geometric panels are often complemented by milled posts, decorative cornices, skirting boards, which together make up a rich composition. This decor is often used in rooms in a classic, English style, modern or art deco.

The material for the panels can be combined, as part of a ready-made design solution, rather unusual results are obtained. The panels are protected with acrylic lacquer or wax to protect against dirt, moisture and ultraviolet radiation. There are waxed panels, they are considered the most environmentally friendly, they repel water well. The use of varnish or wax allows you to see the pattern of the tree, its texture, pleases the eye with the naturalness of the resulting coating.

Nowadays, the method of artificial aging of wood is often used to give the interior the effect of antiquity.

Wooden wall panels — luxury and durability

Natural wood panels are quite expensive, but there are technologies to reduce the cost of this kind of finish. There is another type of panels — from solid pine, which are tinted. They have a lower price.

Wooden panels are represented not only by solid wood options, but also by veneer. Veneered panels involve the use of inexpensive wood as a base, the front part of which is decorated with a layer of expensive species. This version of the plates has three layers, the wood fibers in them are perpendicular to each other. This provides strength to the finished material, prevents its natural «torsion» under the influence of the environment, it keeps its shape well.

Recently, slabs from a split wooden array have become widespread. Wood is combined in various variations, resulting in the formation of relief volumetric patterns with a visible texture of wood fibers.

Wooden wall panels for interior decoration are mounted quickly and easily. For interior decoration with such materials, it is possible not to pre-level the base and not remove the old coating. Under the structure, it is easy to hide many communications or hide heat-insulating materials. Thus, the room will become warmer and acquire additional sound insulation.

Wooden wall panels need delicate care. You need to wipe them with a damp cloth without using hard brushes; it is not recommended to wet them strongly. The array’s protective coating needs to be renewed every five years.

Decorative wooden panels are an excellent solution for interior decoration of an apartment, office, private house or office. They have a rich selection of shapes and shades and look very neat and presentable.

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