Wallpaper in the corridor

Wallpaper in the corridor

Bare walls, especially in the hallway, are not aesthetically pleasing. If only because this is the first room that anyone who enters a house or apartment enters, bringing with him not only good news, but also dirt and moisture. This should be taken into account when choosing wallpaper for the corridor.

Variety for several square meters

The task of wall covering is not limited to giving them a finished look. First of all, wallpaper should hide the flaws of the room, visually changing it. For example, with their help, a small corridor can be enlarged and vice versa. Of course, not literally, but figuratively — using color and texture to create some kind of illusion.

In order to correctly determine which coating to choose for the corridor, you need to learn something about it. So, the wallpaper is different:

  • vinyl (do not require special care, it is enough to simply wipe them with a slightly damp cloth from time to time);
  • paper (they are not suitable for the corridor — except as small inserts when combined);
  • cork (a thin layer of cork material is applied to the paper).

There is also wallpaper for painting, they play a secondary role as the basis for the paint coating. Liquid wallpaper in the corridor is a universal means of giving any room a well-groomed and stylish look.

Wallpaper for a long and narrow corridor

Such a hallway can be not only a blessing, but also bring additional trouble to the owners, giving the impression of a pipe. It is quite possible to get rid of this effect with the help of a successful wall covering. It’s worth saying right away which finish is contraindicated for such a corridor. So, wallpaper with a horizontal strip is not suitable for him, because they will visually lengthen the corridor even more. Not suitable and vertical, as well as too large a drawing — it will enhance the effect of an enclosed space.

The most suitable option for this case is wallpaper with a not too textured, small pattern. They will become a pleasant background and, moreover, visually expand the room. If you decorate a room that is too wide with wallpaper in a large vertical strip or a rich color, then this, on the contrary, will help to visually reduce its area and even create the illusion of high ceilings! In addition, a large drawing perfectly hides all the irregularities of the walls — a profitable solution with a lack of funds for major repairs.

Light wallpaper in the hallway

It is rare that there are windows in the corridors, especially in standard city apartments. That is, they always lack light. But this problem is completely solvable, and not by expensive and not always possible planning. So, if you stick light wallpaper in the corridor, darkness will immediately leave it. By the way, such wall decor will also help visually expand their boundaries. And so that the corridor does not turn into a continuous bright spot, you can order furniture of any dark shade, or at least another, more saturated tone, into it.

By the way, if you plan to place a couple of paintings or photographs on the walls in the hallway, then it is best to make the walls plain. As you can see, wallpaper for a dark corridor can quite solve a rather difficult task — to give it more light and brightness.

fantasy game

If the owners of an apartment or house are romantic and irrepressible natures, they can easily afford red, gray or green wallpaper in the corridor. These colors are quite risky, but if they are successfully beaten, they can turn an ordinary hallway into a very stylish salon. It is important to guess with the tone, as well as to choose the right furniture.

By the way, a win-win option is wallpaper in the corridor under a stone, skin or other textured materials.

Bamboo wallpapers look good in almost any corridor. In addition, they are easy to care for.

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