Wallpaper for the hallway

Wallpaper for the hallway

The entrance hall makes it possible to merge from the street atmosphere into the comfort of the apartment. It is from the design of the hallway that the impression of the apartment as a whole is completely formed. Therefore, it is very important to take responsibility for the design of this space.

The choice of materials for wall decoration in the hallway

The entrance hall, like no other room in the apartment, is subject to dirt and dust from the street. Therefore, wall cladding in this area should be as practical as possible, resistant to systematic cleaning, including constant wet cleaning.

One of the most popular materials for decorating walls for the hallway is wallpaper. There are several types of wallpapers.

  1. Wallpaper for painting. The texture is similar to ordinary vinyl wallpaper, which is painted on top. When contaminated, such wallpaper should only be repainted. You won’t be able to clean them.
  2. Vinyl or washable wallpaper. One of the most practical options for gluing wallpaper for the hallway. A very large selection of textures and colors allows you not to be limited in your desires. The most popular subspecies today is vinyl wallpaper. Their structure allows dirt to remain on the surface without penetrating inside. In turn, it can be easily removed.
  3. The liquid wallpaper. According to the method of application to the wall, this type of wallpaper is similar to plaster. Well, after they have dried, it turns out an even and smooth background.

If you are not limited by funds for apartment renovation, you can please yourself with wall decoration in the hallway with natural materials. Bamboo and cork wallpaper in the interior of the hallway is a combination of refined taste, luxury, comfort and ecology. Planks of a kind of bamboo or cork material are used for pasting. They are easy to clean, do not collect dust, and are additional sound and heat insulation. Their basis is fabric or paper.

A novelty in the field of repair and design solutions is glass. The advantage of this type of finish is the ability to repeatedly paint the walls already on pasted wallpaper. The previous smooth layer is easily washed off with solvents.

Often, the combination of wallpaper in the hallway solves many controversial issues. You can combine both different textures and textures, as well as options with shades and patterns.

Wallpaper design in the hallway

The color of the wallpaper for the hallway should be chosen taking into account the color scheme of doors, furniture and decor elements. Wallpaper for a dark hallway is better to choose light shades: cream, light gray, beige. But it should also be noted that they require more care. For light voluminous hallways, you can choose both light colors and dark textured colors. In such rooms, large patterns and rich burgundy or bottle colors can be allowed. There are a few simple recommendations for decorating the design of wallpapering in the hallway.

  1. Monochromatic wallpaper. Ideal tone for furniture, mirrors, accessories. They are very susceptible to pollution, so you should choose moisture-resistant materials. In addition to pastel colors, options such as red or black wallpaper in the hallway are very much in demand.
  2. Striped wallpaper in the hallway. You should be very careful with this type of wallpaper. Vertical stripes in a small space can create a visual well. This option is suitable for a uniform square hallway.
  3. Panels. The most traditional type of pasting the hallway. This option is both aesthetically and functionally justified. Darker or more practical textures on the bottom will provide visual purity, while a lighter top will give the room more space.
  4. Imitation. Wallpaper will be well executed, and to the touch, similar to natural material. There are many variations: wood, brick, stone, tile, leather, decorative plaster.

Wall decoration is an important step in the repair. By adhering to the basic recommendations and tips for choosing wallpaper for the hallway, you can easily avoid unpleasant moments in decorating the room.

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