Wall shelves

wall shelves

Wall shelves are a great alternative to bulky cabinets and save space. They are attached to the wall and are located near any piece of furniture — a table, sofa, bed, mirror.

Wall shelves in the interior

On such a device, you can put a lot of different little things. Wall shelves are used to place cosmetics, lamps, books, flowers, photographs, expensive souvenirs in the bedroom, living room, and in the hallway they are installed under mirrors, you can even place shoes on low structures.

They find their application not only in living rooms. Wall shelves for the kitchen will allow you to place a lot of utensils, seasonings, which will always be at hand.

Wall shelves in the nursery are made brighter. Made in the form of letters, clouds, trees, they help to create a fabulous atmosphere in the child’s room.

Small wall shelves, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, or of various shapes in the form of frames, cylinders, polygons, stylized as tree branches, carry not only a functional load, but also decorate the wall.

Corner wall shelves are perfect for a small space. They do not take up much space, at the same time compact and roomy.

These coasters can be made from a variety of materials. Wooden wall shelves can have a rough look for a country style, or beautiful carved details for classics, a laconic matte surface and strict forms for a modern interior.

The bathroom often uses glass wall shelves with chrome details. They are not subject to corrosion and look stylish and airy.

Such pieces of furniture become an excellent storage place and a decorative accent in the interior of the room, which can be highlighted on the plane with color, texture, complemented by beautiful lighting.

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