The interior of the corridor in the house

To the question of where our house begins, we will answer without hesitation — from the hallway and corridor. Indeed, these two rooms are rightfully considered the hallmark of any home, because every guest, having crossed the threshold, finds himself here.

The interior design of the hallway and corridor in a private domain must necessarily be different from the apartment. At first glance, this area seems less busy to us, but every time we come from the street, we undress and leave clothes in the hallway, then follow the corridor to the rest of the rooms. So why not make these walk-through spaces cozier, trendier and brighter? And you will learn how to do it correctly in our article.

Corridor interior in a private house

The corridor itself is a narrow and long passage connecting all the rooms in the house: living room, bedroom, nursery and kitchen. If the passage is not elongated, but rather spacious, it is called a hall or hallway, the design of which does not create any particular difficulties. But in a private house, even experienced specialists sometimes think carefully about the interior design of the corridor.

The main task for decorating a narrow and long corridor is to visually expand the space. To do this, it is best to use light-colored wallpapers with a horizontally elongated pattern for wall decoration. If you like dark colors, then you need to choose the appropriate lighting, preferably multi-level, and closest to daylight. As a rule, this type of design is more suitable for the hallway. It is best to lay tiles or laminate on the floor.

The interior design of the hallway in the house is slightly different from the corridor. There is furniture here, mainly a closet, which stores all the necessary and temporarily unnecessary things and accessories. Special niches are also very convenient, they give depth to the entire room, and visually lengthen the wide hallway. On its shelves you can arrange various decorative elements. Also important attributes of the hallway are a shelf for shoes and an ottoman.

As decorations on the wall, you can hang framed photographs, various paintings, shelves, mirrors. The use of furniture in a narrow and long corridor will simply be inappropriate.

If you are decorating the interior of a hallway in a wooden house, remember that it is important to keep the subtlety of style, natural texture and color here. Therefore, wooden walls do not particularly need finishing, but you can decorate them with wrought iron sconces.

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