The interior of the corridor in the apartment


The interior of the corridor in the apartment

Beauty, functionality and comfort are the main requirements for the design of any corridor, regardless of its size and shape. And this is quite justified, because when leaving home or returning back, we find ourselves in the hallway. In addition, there is a certain set of things and accessories that should be stored here for convenience. Therefore, the importance of this room should be given special.

Interior design of the corridor in the apartment

It is unlikely that at least one owner of a typical apartment can boast of having sources of natural light in the corridor. Typical layouts of modern houses do not provide windows in these rooms. And this imposes certain restrictions on the artistic decoration of the hallway. To create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, you need to choose light wallpaper when decorating the interior of the corridor in the apartment. And you can solve the problem of their soiledness by horizontally combining the wall covering. To do this, the upper part of the wall is pasted over with wallpaper of light shades, and the lower part — with wallpaper of darker tones. You can also choose a light coating with a small dark pattern that will help to “mask” pollution. But if you still decide to make the walls completely dark, then you need to take the issue of uniform lighting of the entire room very seriously.

When decorating the interior of the corridor in a small one-room apartment, you should also illuminate the room as much as possible. If you place spotlights around the entire perimeter of the room, and make one wall a mirror, you can visually increase the size of the room. Also, with the help of light directed upwards, you can “raise” low ceilings.

The harmonious interior of a narrow and long corridor in the apartment involves a minimum amount of furniture. You can make to order a shallow wardrobe with mirrored doors. The reflective surface will create the illusion of spaciousness in the room. Properly selected lighting will help in this case. So narrow walls can be “pushed apart” by a transverse beam of light, and a distant wall can be brought closer by brightly illuminating it.

A well-chosen flooring design will also help to cope with the problem of a small or narrow room. When it is necessary to visually enlarge the hallway, the coating pattern is laid out diagonally. And to make a narrow corridor wider, a drawing laid out across the room will help. In addition, certain requirements should be imposed on the technical characteristics of the floor covering in the corridor. It must be strong enough and resistant to moisture. This is due to the fact that both the owners and their guests enter the hallway in street shoes, bringing dirt into the house even in dry weather.

Properly selected furniture is very important in the design of the corridor. For storing outerwear, shoes, hats and accessories such as handbags, umbrellas, shoe and clothing care products, etc. Provide suitable storage space. Otherwise, the heaps of various things will create an atmosphere of chaos in the corridor. In this regard, it is very important that the hallway has a wardrobe for outerwear, a cabinet for shoes, shelves for hats and various accessories. Also, for convenience, it is desirable to equip the corridor with a chair or ottoman for comfortable changing shoes. And, of course, do not forget about the place to store keys, umbrella stands and hooks for bags and purses.

In the case of the right approach to design, even the interior of a small corridor in an apartment can be made as functional, beautiful, cozy and spacious as possible.


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