Teen bedroom

Teen bedroom

Our children grow up very quickly, and now the baby has somehow imperceptibly turned into a teenager. Together with the child, his room should also change. Adolescence is a period of vivid emotions, music, sports, friends. When designing a bedroom for a teenager, his interests should be taken into account. At the same time, the room should be bright, spacious and functional.

Before you start redecorating a teenager’s room, consider with him various ideas for decorating a bedroom. Let your child choose the color of the walls for their room, the type of wallpaper and flooring. Thus, you will make it clear to the teenager that his opinion is also considered.

Bedroom interior for a teenage girl

In adolescence, girls begin to form their own ideas about fashionable and beautiful. She might want to decorate her entire bedroom in pink or purple. However, do not rush! Such shades can soon get bored with the hostess of the room. Therefore, the main tone for the bedroom of a teenage girl is better to choose a neutral one: white, beige, golden. Such pastel shades will visually increase the space in the room. And in your favorite bright color, there can be a bedspread or a pillow, a vase for flowers or a poster on the wall.

In the girl’s room, in addition to a single bed, you can put a small sofa where she will put her friends. For classes, put a desk in the girl’s bedroom with wall shelves or racks for books and textbooks.

Teen boy bedroom interior

Modern teenage boys prefer minimalist design in the interior of their room. Walls can be decorated with combined wallpaper. Using several color options, you can divide the room into areas for recreation, activities or entertainment. Perhaps the boy will like decorating the walls with stylized themed stickers.

In a teenage boy’s room, you can put a single bed or a loft bed with a study table. If space permits, you can equip a small sports corner here.

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