Synthetic carpets

synthetic carpets

Synthetic floor carpets are more practical and more durable than their counterparts made from natural fibers, especially wool. They are much easier to care for, they are especially appropriate in areas such as the hallway, kitchen, where they are most often polluted, they should be cleaned more often.

Which Synthetic Floor Carpet Should You Choose?

Synthetic carpets on the floor are produced from various materials, so they have different qualities from each other, you should pay attention to this when buying.

If the composition includes acrylic, then the product has a good quality. The pile of such a synthetic carpet retains its shape and height well, it is quite soft, has an average, not very long service life. Acrylic carpets in their appearance are very similar to products made from natural wool. The disadvantages include the difficulty in cleaning, they are quite whimsical.

Synthetic carpets made of polyester or polypropylene are easy to clean, do not lose their color brightness for a long time, they are quite durable and have good wear resistance. Such products are suitable for rooms with high traffic or high humidity, for example, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. They can be both high pile and smooth. A significant disadvantage is their easy flammability.

In the living room, bedroom, children’s room — oval synthetic carpets will look great on the floor. This form will not completely close the space of the floor and will give you the opportunity to admire the beauty of the parquet or laminate, which will be visible.

The main advantages of synthetic carpets are their hypoallergenicity and ease of use, while they are quite high quality and inexpensive.

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