Sliding curtains for the bathroom


Sliding curtains for the bathroom

Bathrooms in most houses do not differ in large area, so the owners have to use all sorts of tricks in order to manage the room as functionally as possible. So, many refuse the bathroom in favor of a shower box. But this way the owners lose the opportunity to soak in the bathroom, relaxing after a long day. How to act in such a situation? Inventive manufacturers found a way out and proposed to create a hybrid bath and shower. You can organize this with the help of sliding curtains for the bathroom. They protect the floor and walls from splashes coming from the sprayer and at the same time do not spoil the appearance of the bathroom.

Sliding curtain design

In such curtains, the same system is used as in wardrobes. The movable web moves easily and silently on rollers mounted inside the guide rail. How long the curtain will last depends on the quality of the frame, so when buying, you should carefully study the rollers and check for any interference when opening / closing the door.

The design of such doors can include up to seven leaves, however, models with a large number of leaves are produced extremely rarely. Increasing the number of sections increases the strength of the frame, but at the same time reduces the amount of free space inside.

The lineup

Most often, glass of different types is used for the manufacture of shower curtains, namely:

  • tinted;
  • matte;
  • classic transparent;
  • patterned.

Please note that traces of drips and drops of water will be visible on the transparent surface, so you will have to wipe it with a cloth after every shower. Streaks are not visible on frosted and patterned glasses, so they are considered more practical.

Mounting Features

Sliding plastic curtains for the bathroom are mounted directly on the bath. They have a full frame made of plastic or aluminum, but there are models where the frame is attached only to the moving part.

Installation of curtains is carried out strictly according to the instructions and in a certain order. As a rule, you need to follow these steps in sequence:

  • organize measurements;
  • install the frame (vertical racks are attached to the walls)
  • attach the guides (the bottom guide is mounted to the side of the bathroom, and the top one — at a distance of 130-140 cm from the bottom);
  • install glass curtains.

After installing all the elements, it is necessary to fill the joints of the structure with silicone sealant, which will not allow moisture to penetrate inside.


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