Sliding bathroom screen

Sliding bathroom screen

Enclosing a bathtub with a screen is much more convenient and practical than hanging a curtain, even with a beautiful pattern. Sliding screen for the bathroom — does not stick, does not get wet and soapy water does not flow from it to the floor. Caring for it is much simpler and easier than for a curtain.

If your bathroom is combined with a bath, then a sliding bath screen will visually divide the room into two zones, and the person taking the bath will feel free and comfortable. Also, a sliding screen in the bathroom can serve as a stylish interior decoration. It makes the bath a real shower.

Types of sliding screens for the bathroom

Bathroom screens are made from different materials, but glass and plastic are the most suitable.

Plastic models are inexpensive, easy to install, unpretentious in their care. The most common material used in the manufacture of bathroom screens is polycarbonate.

Glass is the most preferred for a screen, as it can serve you for many years without losing its properties and good appearance. Glass transmits light well, so there is no need for additional lighting in the bathroom.

Glass doors are much more expensive, however, they are durable. The aesthetic properties of glass screens contribute to a good demand for them. Not

It is worth worrying about the fact that the glass will break or crack. These screens are equipped with impact-resistant tempered glass, which can withstand heavy loads. Screens are available with frosted, tinted and clear glass.

Screens come with a sliding or swing mechanism.

Three-section sliding screen for a bath

Bathtubs installed in a niche are very convenient to equip with a three-section screen. They are mostly made from glass. The choice of material is based on its properties as outlined above.

Three-section screens (sliding accordion screens) are ideal for the bathroom. In addition to functionality, that is, the fulfillment of its intended purpose, these screens are very beautiful. The variety of colors, shades and ornaments available now for sale cannot but rejoice: roses, lotus, lilies, butterflies, Japanese motifs. There are screens with landscapes, photographs of different cities, paintings and monochrome models. There are also screens with shelves on the back for various cosmetics and accessories.

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