Room design for a young man

Room design for a young man

When designing a youth room, you have to balance on the edge and constantly seek compromise: you need to design the room in such a way that it is both comfortable and ergonomic, but at the same time remains cozy and reflects the lifestyle of its owner. This is no longer a nursery, but the features of an adult bedroom in such a room are out of place.

Young man’s room furniture

When choosing furniture, it is worth starting from the principle of minimalism. Do not litter the room, because it is at the same time a bedroom, an office and a relaxation area. The basic principles of space zoning work successfully here.

For sleep, you can use modern loft beds or traditional transforming sofas. This will allow you to buy time and buy «outgrowth» furniture. As a rule, young people accept modern styles very well. Ergonomic furniture for a young man’s room with a minimum of decorative finishes, all sorts of drawers and cabinets looks quite stylish and at the same time it remains comfortable to use.

For storing small items, CDs and books, simple open shelves or racks are suitable. Things are most conveniently stored in wardrobes. Depending on the chosen theme and color, you can choose doors with mirrors, interior stickers. A modern room for a young man is divided into zones using partitions. To do this, you can use drywall niches, racks or cabinets.

Decorating a young man’s room

As for the selection of materials for wall and floor decoration, it is worth using durable and practical coatings. For walls, it is preferable to take wallpaper for painting with a non-woven base or fiberglass. The coating is very durable and allows you to update the room without lengthy repairs.

For the floor, you can choose a laminate or natural linoleum. As for the ceiling, the best option would be tension structures with spot lighting. In addition to the main ceiling lighting, it is worth taking care of the correct illumination of the workplace, a sleeping floor lamp or a table lamp.

Curtains for a young man’s room, like all basic textiles, should be as simple as possible. Roman or roller blinds are suitable. We choose geometry or color transitions as a pattern, it is better to refrain from large and pronounced prints. All the filling of the room should fulfill its direct functions and at the same time not overload the interior.

So that the room does not seem very boring at the same time, it is worth making a few accents in the form of pillows on the sofa, paintings or photos on the wall, original disc stands or unusual figurines will do.

For plain walls today there are beautiful decorative interior stickers in the assortment. You can also separate the recreation area and add zest to the design with the help of modern photo wallpapers.

How to furnish a small room for a young man?

It is not so difficult to work out the design of a room for a young person, if a large space is available. If the dimensions of the room are modest, you will have to apply standard methods of expanding the space and make the most of every centimeter of it.

When decorating a room for a young person, furniture without doors, preferably in a light shade, is suitable. Expedit shelving and small wicker boxes perfectly accommodate everything you need for work. A loft bed or pull-out chest of drawers is also a great solution for saving space.

You can divide a room into zones using techniques with different shades of wallpaper, lighting design, or using simple movable partitions. The design of a room for a young person should be modern and meet all the basics of ergonomics.

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