Photo wallpaper in the interior of the living room

wallpaper in the interior of the living room

Dull birch trees and faded waterfalls that could be seen on the walls of many Soviet apartments — such associations with photo wallpapers are hopelessly outdated. Today, photo wallpaper is one of the most effective techniques for creating a bright, characteristic and stylish interior. Photo wallpapers are especially appropriate in the interior of the living room — a room that is the hallmark of the house and should best match its image. A correctly selected drawing will create the mood you need, in addition, it will play the role of a compositional center in the interior, a kind of “assembly point”. And photo wallpaper will help visually correct the layout of the room.

For example:

  • a vertical image is suitable for housing with low ceilings;
  • landscapes with a perspective (a path in the forest, a road leading to the horizon, a city street) will visually expand the space of small rooms.

Black and white wall murals in the interior are one of the absolute trends in modern design. They allow you to experiment with the colors of finishes, furniture and decor items, harmonize with a wide variety of shades: from pastel to acid. The texture of photo wallpapers can also be varied: expressive gloss, discreet matte surface, aged, grainy image (you can see several variations on the theme of black and white photo wallpapers in the living room interior in the photos that accompany the article).

Also, the design of a living room with photo wallpapers will look very impressive if the black and white image is diluted with colorful details (one, maximum two colors), which will echo with the decor elements of the same color, the pattern on the furniture.

If you decide to design walls with colored photo wallpapers, avoid excessive variegation, give preference to a certain color, focusing on a variety of shades.

Separately, it should be said about 3D wallpaper in the interior. Such decor, of course, looks very impressive, but requires a neutral environment. Otherwise, instead of a stylish design, you will get a clumsy interior, which, among other things, will put pressure on the psyche.

When choosing wall murals in the interior of your home, it is important, of course, to focus on the right motive. Consider the most popular.

  1. Large, bright flowers. They look spectacular in minimalist interiors, at the same time they are quite neutral.
  2. Cityscapes, in particular, are black and white, including images of famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben. Landscapes of the night city can be successfully combined with spot LED lighting on other walls or ceilings.
  3. natural landscapes. They will fit well into calm, restrained, “meditative” interiors. They are sometimes used in styles such as neoclassical, but there landscape wallpapers often look philistine.
  4. Animals, birds, most often — exotic. Wild cats are especially popular. They are appropriate in minimalistic, laconic interiors, they are extremely badly combined with the classics.
  5. Portraits of cult personalities, scenes from films usually adorn the walls of living rooms. Typical for pop art interiors, also combined with fusion style decor, they can dilute the coldness of high-tech.

Of course, photo wallpapers in the interior will look advantageous only if high-quality materials are used. Otherwise, you will simply ruin and “cheapen” the entire interior. It is best to order photo wallpapers from professionals — this, among other things, will provide you with almost unlimited possibilities in choosing a plot and pattern.

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