Partition in the bathroom

Partition in the bathroom

The question of whether a partition is needed in the bathroom can be faced by both happy owners of large bathrooms and those who have a very small room for hygiene procedures. Why? The answer is simple. In both large and small bathrooms, a partition is necessary for zoning the space.

Partitions for large and small bathrooms

First of all, let’s focus on small bathrooms. Currently, in order to increase the useful area of ​​​​this room, many owners combine a bathroom with a toilet, and even replace the bathroom with a shower. In this case, it goes without saying that you cannot do without a shower screen in the bathroom, especially if the shower cubicle is being built according to individual sizes. And the most acceptable option for such restructuring, of course, would be to install a glass shower screen in the bathroom.

In addition to zoning, partitions can also perform a masking function. For example, behind such a partition, you can disguise a toilet bowl in a combined bathroom. Of course, in this case, in a combined bathroom it is better to use not transparent partitions, but, for example, made of frosted or colored opaque glass (plastic as an option).

For bathrooms of a sufficiently large area, various glass partitions can also be used. But no less effectively and effectively you can zone the space in a large bathroom by erecting a glass block partition. And if some glass blocks are made of colored glass, then such a partition will become a unique art object in your home and make the bathroom interior original and inimitable.

For the same purpose of dividing the space into several specific zones, you can also build a partition from drywall (only from green moisture-resistant!). Very light and airy, for example, a plasterboard partition in the form of small through shelves will look in the bathroom.

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