Modern hallways — design

Modern hallways design

The interior of the hallway in a modern style implies simplicity and ease of execution, combined with practicality. Thanks to modern wallpaper, floor coverings, wardrobes with sliding systems, trendy lighting and accessories, the hallway can be made as cozy and comfortable as possible. How exactly? Let’s try to figure it out.

Subtleties of repair

Before designing the design of modern hallways, you need to understand a few points that will be relevant in the case of the apartment hall:

  • refuse frills in design and massive structures;
  • use several shades, preferably not contrasting;
  • the room should be comfortable for daily use;
  • for storage of things and shoes, use only cabinets and closed shelves.

The modern approach to the design of the hallway suggests that the room will be as concise and comfortable as possible. If you want to use accessories, then turn to wall niches with lights or a false window with lights. It is better to refuse paintings, expensive vases and figurines.

Basic Design Principles

First of all, you need to start with a modern floor and wall finish in the hallway. For flooring, ceramic tile, mat, or commercial linoleum is best. It is better to refuse parquet boards and laminate, since they cannot be washed often, which is almost impossible to do in the case of a corridor.

Now wall decoration. To do this, it is best to use modern wallpaper for the hallway with plot drawings, geometric patterns and interesting textures. Plain wallpaper with stucco imitation and abstract texture are also in demand. When choosing wallpaper, pay attention to their moisture and wear resistance.

A special role should be given to furniture. Modern closets in the hallway with silent sliding systems and a large number of useful shelves and hangers will be relevant here. The advantage of such cabinets is that they can be ordered according to the size of your hall, which is very useful in the case of small apartments.

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