Loggia design in a modern style

Loggia design in a modern style

The advantage of a loggia over a balcony is huge, it has walls on the left and right, so there is practically nothing to prevent turning it into an extra room, a small gym, an office or a winter garden. Previously, people were content with just simple glazing, but now this is not enough, a cold room can only be used in the summer, you absolutely don’t want the loggia to serve as a warehouse for preservation, rags and unnecessary things for half a year. I want it to turn into a small full-fledged room.

Modern loggias

A modern loggia can have a variety of designs, depending on your tastes and the overall style of the apartment. It can become a full-fledged room or serve as an appendage to an adjoining room. It depends on whether you need a window sill or whether it is better to dismantle it. Most often, the walls of the loggia are sheathed with plasterboard, puttied and painted, although they can also be pasted over with wallpaper or sheathed with plastic. The modern finish of the loggia largely depends on the flooring that you choose. Now you can easily buy and lay laminate, linoleum, cork material or familiar tiles.

A narrow room at first looks unprofitable, but light walls can improve the interior design of a loggia. Under the windowsill, they should be darkened a little, which will enhance the impression. There are other available techniques to make the loggia visually more spacious — large wall mirrors, furniture with a light facade and rounded edges, spotlights.

The modern design of the loggia may differ in many apartments, depending on the purpose of this room. If the owners decide to sunbathe here, then they do not need bulky items. You can buy a comfortable deck chair and a small light table, decorating the rest of the space with flowers in beautiful pots. In this case, it is good to decorate the fence with climbing plants.

But many people are concerned about saving space, and they arrange a dressing room here. Then you will have to find a closet that fits the size of this narrow room. If the owners decide to arrange a cozy corner for relaxation on the loggia, then look for a compact pouf, a sofa, install a TV and a small armchair. You will not be able to put bulky furniture on the loggia, it should be functional and, if possible, environmentally friendly. Under the window, very often people equip a long shelf, which can serve as a kind of bar counter. Of course, the design of a loggia in a modern style cannot be done without additional investments in insulation work, modern windows, and waterproofing. But they will certainly pay off with the comfort and additional amenities that you will receive in this small but cozy room.

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