living room interior in a small apartment

Alas, not every family can boast of huge apartments. Often, apartments in big cities are small in size, and it is necessary to be placed on the small area that exists. Today we will talk about how to transform the interior of a living room in a small apartment to avoid feeling cramped.

Living room design in a small apartment

The main points of the design of the living room in a small apartment:

  • The background of the room should be light. For a small living room, choose pastel-colored wallpaper and light-colored flooring. The ceiling, of course, should remain white. An interesting solution for decorating the walls of a living room in a small apartment would be the use of Venetian plaster — embossed light walls at the same time give the room a zest and visually expand the space. The light floor, contrary to common misconception, is a rather practical thing. On dark colors, dust and small debris, which are collected even with regular frequent cleaning, are much more noticeable. A popular feature of increasing space today is glossy stretch ceilings.
  • Pay attention to room lighting. There is never too much light in a small space — spotlights, airy floor lamps that place accents will help your living room seem larger. What should be avoided are large hanging chandeliers. Such lamps «eat» space and are suitable only for large rooms. Avoid heavy curtains on the windows — the light from the street also matters.
  • Arrangement of furniture in a small living room deserves special attention. In many, especially one-room apartments, the living room includes either a dining area or a bedroom, and sometimes both at once. The most logical solution to the problem of a sleeping place would be a sofa bed. Sometimes the layout of the apartment provides for a living room that is not rectangular in shape, but, for example, with the letter G. This ledge can be used to equip a bed that can easily be hidden behind a door or screen when guests arrive at the house. As for the dining group, everything is a little more complicated here. It will still be possible to drink tea in the company of several friends, but it is quite difficult to arrange large feasts in a small living room. It may be more convenient for you to purchase a folding table and chairs and take them out as needed. In everyday life, you can get by with a small coffee table and a dining area in the kitchen.
  • Furniture in a small living room should not be bulky. Easy-looking armchairs, sofas and wardrobes will not take up much space. A thin TV on the wall will also save space. When choosing furniture for a living room interior in a small apartment, consider what you really need and what you can refuse. When every square centimeter of space is so expensive, it’s not a good idea to clutter up the room with unnecessary things.
  • Even in a small room you can find storage space. Glass shelves allow you to free up space in the closet occupied by books. The sofa may have a compartment for storing linen. The coffee table can be transformed into a dining table. Remember that every inch of your living room should serve you well.
  • living room in a small apartment

  • Add details, but don’t overdo it. A few colorful pillows, memorabilia, and family photos in the same style will add coziness to your living room.

Fashion trend: kitchen-living room in a small apartment

If the layout of your apartment allows you to combine the kitchen area with the living room — this is a real salvation! You can immediately expand the total area, organize a dining area in the form of an island bar counter, where you can eat yourself and receive guests. And under the bar — a wonderful spacious place to store things. Yes, and the kitchen-living room in a small apartment is, although so far unusual, but very beautiful and comfortable layout.

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