How to decorate the walls in the hallway?

How to decorate the walls in the hallway

The decoration of the walls in the hallway is just as important as in any other room, especially since in the hallway anyone who enters gets the first impression of the whole apartment and the taste of its owners. Therefore, let’s figure out how to decorate the walls in the hallway so that your guests are pleasantly surprised.

Wall decoration in the hallway with wallpaper

The easiest and cheapest way to finish the walls in the corridor is paper wallpaper. However, this coating is very short-lived, and besides, it has low wear resistance. But the hallway is a place of constant contact with the street or the entrance, and hence the most polluted room. But since paper wallpapers cannot stand wet cleaning, it is undesirable to use them in the hallway. Vinyl washable wallpaper is much more suitable for the hallway.

Modern industry produces many new types of wallpaper, which can be successfully used in the hallway as well. These wallpapers include glass wallpapers that are not susceptible to any damage, quartz wallpapers that are absolutely not afraid of fire, they can even be washed with a brush. New items include metallic wallpaper, which creates a rich and luxurious design of the room.

Wall murals on the wall in the hallway are very popular today. Pasted on a blank surface, they can visually expand the space. Being in your small hallway, you can walk along the European street or admire the view of the sea coast from the window.

Painting the walls in the hallway

If you like painted surfaces, then before deciding how to paint the walls in the hallway, they must be carefully aligned. This is labor intensive and costly. Therefore, it is worth thinking about possible alternatives for wall decoration, especially since the choice is quite wide.

Wall decoration in the hallway with decorative stone

The feeling of antiquity and originality will be brought to your hallway by decorating the walls with artificial stone. Modern materials used for its manufacture create an excellent imitation of natural granite, onyx or marble. However, such a finish is not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, most often not all walls in the corridor are trimmed with decorative stone, but only doorways.

If you have a spacious entrance hall with columns, then a new wall covering is perfect for decorating them — flexible stone, sold in rolls or slabs.

Today, a brick wall in the interior of the hallway is gaining more and more popularity. The contrast of the ocher-red brick wall and the light tone of the remaining surfaces is especially expressive. If there is only one brick wall in the hallway, and the rest are plastered, you can paint all surfaces in one light shade, and then the difference in the texture of the walls will look very unusual.

Ceramic tiles for walls in the hallway

Another type of finishing material often used in the hallway is ceramic tiles, which create an excellent imitation of natural stone and wood, leather or textiles. Sometimes such tiles are complemented by gilded threads or rhinestones that can emphasize the style of the room and the excellent taste of the owners.

Panels on the wall in the hallway

Wooden panels are perhaps the most expensive, but the most durable and high-quality type of wall decoration in the corridor. However, if you decide on such a finish in the hallway, then it must certainly match the entire interior of your apartment or house. In addition to wooden panels, it is necessary to select furniture that matches them.

Laminate on the wall in the hallway

A good alternative to MDF panels is the design of the walls with laminate. Most often, the laminate in the hallway is laid up to half the wall. Thanks to a wide range of this coating, you can choose the material you like best and create a unique interior for your hallway.

Mirror wall in the hallway

Sometimes, in order to visually expand a small hallway, it is worth decorating one of the walls with mirror tiles or panels. And the right lighting will create an amazing play of light in the room.

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