How to choose wallpaper in the hallway?


How to choose wallpaper in the hallway

Each apartment begins with a hallway. It is she who meets people, creating an atmosphere of comfort. And it is here that everything is subject to pollution. Dirty shoes, traces of strollers and bicycles, spray from an umbrella — all this leaves ugly marks on the floor and walls. That is why you need to understand how to choose wallpaper for the hallway so that the room stays clean and fresh for a long time. We will talk about the features of the selection below.

What wallpaper is best for the hallway?

In this room, you need to select wallpaper based not on an attractive design, but on excellent functional qualities. They must be resistant to water, durable and with a lasting color. If you are looking for what kind of wallpaper to paste over the hallway, then you better stop at the following types:

  1. Non-woven wallpaper for the hallway. In comparison with the paper base, non-woven is more plastic, therefore it is not subject to deformation. Vinyl textured embossing is applied to the non-woven base, and the paper is impregnated with a special composition against fungus. Such wallpapers can be glued to well-prepared walls.
  2. Washable wallpaper for the hallway. This is an inexpensive wallpaper, consisting of a paper layer and a laminating film. The wallpaper can be easily wiped with a cloth and is resistant to dirt. Washable wallpaper for the hallway has many design options, so it will be quite easy to match them to the style of the hallway.
  3. Liquid wallpaper in the hallway. They have an interesting texture and form a non-standard pattern when applied. The unique composition of the wallpaper allows you to fill in small depressions, so they perfectly level the wall. Cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner.

Before choosing wallpaper in the hallway, you should decide on the pattern and color. In large hallways, you can use large patterns and almost any color. Unfortunately, spacious halls are extremely rare, so you need to select wallpaper taking into account the dimensions of the room. Light wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern would be ideal.


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