Hallway lighting


Hallway lighting

Designers believe that with the right lighting, you can not only place accents, but also significantly expand the space. These factors are very relevant in a small hallway. This room is often deprived of natural light sources, so artificial light sources will help maintain comfort and the right atmosphere. Here you can highlight decorative lighting, lamps and chandeliers. Some use several light sources at once, relying on the play of shadows and soft, diffused light.

Lighting features

The entrance hall in standard apartments is relatively small, so you need to choose the light for it according to certain recommendations. Try to follow the following lighting tips in the hallway:

  • focus on the degree of illumination of the rooms adjacent to the hall;
  • give preference to chandeliers with matte shades;
  • lighting should not be blinding;
  • the shortcomings of the hallway with the old renovation can be hidden by dim «chamber» lighting;
  • for low ceilings, refuse downward lighting;
  • use switches with motion sensors.

These recommendations will help to effectively equip the lighting of the hall. The soft light that welcomes you and your guests will immediately set you up for an atmosphere of home comfort and privacy.

Hallway lighting options

Previously, people did not have a large number of design solutions, and often the apartment met them with a lonely Ilyich light bulb, which performed one single function of illuminating the room. Today, manufacturers offer customers a variety of different lamps and lights, which can beautifully decorate the space. Common hall lighting options are as follows:

  1. Hallway mirror lighting. In the case of reflective surfaces, it is very important to use a uniform light that does not create shadows. Position the lamp at the top of the mirror frame, provided that it is located at a distance of 170-200 cm from the floor. A very large mirror can be illuminated with a pair of symmetrical sconces. It is highly undesirable to use colored lighting.
  2. Hallway ceiling lighting. Here you can play with light and allow bold experiments. If the room uses a glossy stretch ceiling, then spotlights arranged in a certain order would be a suitable option. Complex multi-tiered drywall structures can be illuminated with LED strip, without excluding spot lighting. The ceiling, finished «under the tree» can be decorated with wicker shades or lampshades made of rice paper.
  3. Illumination of niches and stained-glass windows in the hallway. Very often, the owners use niches in the decor of the hall. They house valuable souvenirs, family photos and various useful little things. To focus on the contents of the niche, built-in lighting is used. This play of light looks very stylish and modern.
  4. small hallway lighting. Several lamps installed in one row and creating a gallery effect will help to visually expand a small hall. Shiny and glossy surfaces (stretch ceilings, stained-glass windows, mirrors) will help to expand the room and hide some imperfections.

When choosing lighting, you need to consider the color of the lamp. An incandescent lamp that gives yellow color enhances the saturation of warm tones — they literally play and shimmer before our eyes. Cold colors, on the contrary, become dirty and lose their expressiveness. Fluorescent lamps perfectly emphasize pastel shades and cold colors, muffling warm ones. Thus, even the shade of light affects the atmosphere of the hall in your apartment.


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