hallway cabinet design


hallway cabinet design

The first of the rooms that your guest enters is the entrance hall. Therefore, it is very important what impression he will get from the design of the corridor. And in order for the effect to be unforgettable, the selection of furniture for the hallway must be taken responsibly.

First of all, cabinets, shelves and cabinets in the hallway should be practical and functional. They should not take up much space in the hallway, especially if the room is small. Therefore, the most acceptable option is to use today’s popular cabinets for storing things and shoes in the hallway.

Types of cabinets for the hallway

Most often, such a closet is made the size of the entire wall, while sliding doors save a lot of free space in the hallway. The closet itself is very spacious and allows you to store outerwear and hats, shoes and various accessories in it. Install a sliding wardrobe with a mirror decorated with various patterns in the hallway.

Another common type of furniture in the hallway is the built-in corner cabinet, which solves the problem of storing a lot of things, and at the same time the corridor seems neat and spacious. There are many designs of built-in wardrobes in the hallway. Very often, such a closet in the hallway is made with mezzanines and is divided into two parts: in one open part, clothes that are worn today are located on shelves and hooks, and other things are stored in the closed part.

You can install a closed pencil case in the corridor, in which all things are stored behind doors that close in the usual way. And although such a wardrobe takes up more space in the corridor, it looks great, especially in the classic interior of the hallway.

Very often, especially in small hallways, open cabinets with seating are used. Visually, such a cabinet looks much smaller due to the fact that it does not have a blank facade. However, since all the clothes are in plain sight in an open closet, you need to constantly monitor the order in it. It will be very comfortable to sit on which it is easier to put on shoes or you can just sit down and relax.


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