Frescoes in the interior of the living room

Frescoes in the interior of the living room

Frescoes in a modern interior perform the same function as ancient Chinese vases or wall clocks of the 19th century — they demonstrate the aesthetic taste of the owner. A fresco is a painting of walls on wet plaster. It has been used since time immemorial in the decoration of the walls of temples, palaces and houses of rich people.

The name «fresco» comes from the Italian word «Fresco», which means «fresh». The frescoes are painted on freshly laid plaster with natural paints. Pigments for paints are obtained from minium, ocher and other dyes, and the base of the paint is a mixture of water and sand or marble dust. As you can see, the fresco is an environmentally friendly material for wall decoration.

An artist who specializes in frescoing must have many years of experience and skill. It is necessary to work quickly and without errors, since the plaster and paint dry out very quickly. After applying and drying the picture, it is covered with a special varnish that will protect the fresco from fading in the sun and mechanical damage.

The best place for a fresco in the interior of an apartment is the living room, which in most cases is the most spacious room in the house. The living room usually does not place large wardrobes, so there is a lot of free space on the walls. You can decorate the walls with paintings, but there are more original ways.

Before starting work on a fresco, you need to carefully consider the plot of the drawing. It is worth considering even the smallest details, since after the start of work there will be no time to think about organizational moments. It is necessary to coordinate with the master the plot of the picture and paint.

If you are a living room decorator yourself, using a printed mural in your living room interior is a great option. You can also use Affresco frescoes — a non-woven fabric with a finished sketch applied to a layer of textured plaster. Such frescoes are already ready to be applied to the wall, they are simply glued to the base with heavy wallpaper glue.

Frescoes in the interior of the living room are perfectly combined with any style and will be a highlight in the interior of the living room in a classic style. A beautiful wall art will ennoble a colonial-style living room. The cyberpunk fresco looks interesting: the walls are rough, brickwork is visible in places, and a Renaissance painting is depicted on the wall, which was given the effect of antiquity. Such a fresco will become the center of the interior of the living room. Frescoes in the interior of the living room, imitating the streets of ancient cities, will add sophistication to the room.

Frescoes in the interior of other rooms

Frescoes can decorate the interior of any room in the house, you just need to choose the right plot depending on the room. Frescoes look great in the interior of the kitchen with thematic kitchen scenes — still lifes with fruits and flowers.

Frescoes in the interior of the bedroom will not be superfluous either. Indeed, thanks to it, you can create a peaceful atmosphere, the presence of which is mandatory when arranging a place of rest. For a fresco in the interior of the bedroom, landscape scenes, flowers, space scenes or abstractions that will match the type of interior are suitable.

The hallway is the place that most often needs a visual expansion of space. Therefore, for a fresco in the interior of the hallway, scenes imitating a city street or a blue sky are suitable.

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