Fashionable wallpaper for the bedroom 2014

Fashionable wallpaper for the bedroom 2014

Until recently, housewives went shopping in search of normal wallpaper for their apartment. I even had to use my connections to find an acceptable option for myself. Now the market is littered with a variety of goods, but our women are faced with new problems. What are the current trendy wallpapers? Buy material with colorful patterns or black and white abstraction? What is at its peak now — classic or modern?

How fashionable to paste wallpaper?

The method of combining wallpaper in one room, which has a different texture or pattern, is becoming increasingly popular. This can be done in different ways:

  1. Some designers cover three walls with one type of wallpaper, and decorate the fourth with a completely different material. When it comes to the bedroom, it is better to highlight the wall that is located near the most intimate place — the bed of the owners of our house.
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  3. The second method consists in alternating stripes on the wall, horizontal or vertical, having different colors from each other. Solid wallpaper can be diluted with material that has a beautiful pattern, or a small pattern can be alternated with a large one.
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  5. You can also highlight a certain area on the surface of the wall, forming a beautiful frame from wallpaper, decorative stucco or other material for the best effect. Although it may not be necessary, all you need to do is to choose the right pattern to highlight the accent area (usually also at the head of the bed) to make your bedroom look amazing.
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Of course, you can use different combinations, alternating stripes on the walls and at the same time creating accent zones, it all depends on the imagination of the owner of the house.

Fashionable wallpaper colors

For those who respect horoscopes, it will not be superfluous to recall that the blue horse now rules, which means that this color and all its shades are more preferable than the others. It is well suited for the interior of the bedroom, has a calming effect on the nerves, goes well with textiles, furniture and various flooring. But if you have been wallpapering for several years, and do not plan repairs in 2015, then it is worth considering other no less advantageous wallpaper colors that are fashionable at all times.

Fashion wallpaper design

Floral themes have always been popular among wallpaper lovers. Now volumetric drawings have become more relevant. Slightly protruding relief images can be in the form of green or blue plants, but they can also be catchy bright flowers that fill your bedroom with fun and joy. This choice depends on the mood that you want to create in this room — a calm evening pacifying atmosphere or more filled with spring-summer joyful notes.

Connoisseurs of strict classics, of course, will reject abstraction, preferring plain wallpaper. But here, too, there is where to unleash your imagination, using the methods already described above for combining strips of material with different colors and textures. It will help to decorate such a bedroom, placed in an accent place, a photo wallpaper or a beautiful poster. Black and white images of Marilyn Monroe, other actors or rock musicians have always been popular. Now it is possible to order and put on the wall near the bed a large photo of a loved one, which will undoubtedly cause envy among many neighbors and your girlfriends.

Modern design loves geometric shapes, which undoubtedly reflected in the interior of an ordinary city apartment. Rhombuses, circles, abstract images and various unimaginable stripes adorn the apartments of people who adore ultra-modern design. Listing fashionable wallpaper for the bedroom 2014, one cannot ignore such a peculiar trend as geometric patterns that can give your bedroom a rather unusual, but very stylish and fashionable look.

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