DIY bedroom interior

DIY bedroom interior

There are not many places in the apartment where you can hide from the fast pace of life. All hopes rely on the bedroom — a place of solitude and sleep. In order for the room to fulfill all the hopes placed on it, it is necessary to pay attention to the interior. Here you can reflect your inner world and use original design methods that will emphasize your spontaneity. And for this you do not need to turn to professionals. Using professional recommendations, it is quite possible to make the interior of the bedroom with your own hands. With time, a certain amount of money and a lot of effort, your bedroom will easily become the room of your dreams!

DIY Bedroom Design Ideas

Initially, you need to decide on the main components: walls, ceiling, floor. What is the best way to arrange them? Let’s try to figure it out.

  1. Walls. Here you will come to the aid of such wall coverings as decorative plaster, wallpaper and painting. Today it is very fashionable to combine several finishing options, for example, one wall can be pasted over and the rest painted. Original ideas are easy to implement with drywall, but working with it is better if you have some experience. The color of the walls in the bedroom is better to choose calm: pistachio, beige, blue.
  2. Floor. The most popular bedroom flooring is carpet. It provides sound and heat insulation, creates a feeling of luxury. But at the same time, it complicates the process of wet cleaning, which is a fundamental point for the bedroom. A good analogue of carpet is the cork floor, which, due to its softness and environmental friendliness, has gained great popularity. A good option is laminate and parquet, but they are quite noisy and cold.
  3. Ceiling. Three main options are applicable here: puttying, tension structures and drywall. The first option is better to exclude immediately, as it requires the hands of a professional. Stretch ceilings are performed exclusively by specialists, but this is the case when the game is worth the candle. Glossy and satin ceilings will emphasize the intimacy of the bedroom and add a touch of exclusivity. It, like a plasterboard ceiling, hides all communications and fits any lighting.

Before you make a do-it-yourself bedroom renovation design, you must definitely draw up a project for the future room. You can do this on paper or with a computer design program. At this stage, you need to consider the location of the workplace, dressing room and auxiliary structures. When the project is ready, you need to draw up an estimate for repairs, which will take into account the cost of tools and materials. After that, you can begin to bring design ideas to life.

Modern do-it-yourself bedroom interior: key points

Repair does not always mean the complete dismantling of old structures. Sometimes it is enough to use a few cute accents that emphasize that the design was developed by you personally. In the case of the bedroom, you can afford the following experiments:

  1. Design a headboard for the bed. You can use a «soft finish» using foam rubber and leather substitute. Attach decorative buttons to the upholstery and the soft headrest is ready. The headboard can also be decorated with fabric draperies, furniture designs, decorative panels and even books!
  2. Use applications. With the help of scissors, paper and pins/glue, you can create unique plot applications for the bedroom. Particularly beautiful in this room are the soaring butterflies, which seem to be about to fall off the wall. In addition, you can create a collage of inspiring photos or use unusual thematic drawings that are easy to print on a printer.
  3. Refer to patchwork. Sometimes you can create real masterpieces from small scraps of fabric! Such canvases can be used as pillowcases, bedspreads or tracks.

As you can see, to make a bedroom design with your own hands, you just need to turn on your imagination!

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