Decorative stone in the interior of the hallway

Decorative stone in the interior of the hallway

The entrance hall is the only place in the apartment that needs to be repaired taking into account possible pollution. It is here that dirt from the street is brought on the boots and wheels of a bicycle, and what can we say about drops of water from an umbrella and dust on the paws of animals. That is why the decoration of the hallway should be treated very carefully.

One of the most interesting options in the interior of the hallway is stone trim. For work, a decorative facing stone is used. Thanks to a wide range of this facing material, you can easily choose the desired shade and texture of the finish.

Finishing stone in the interior of the hallway

This material is presented in different incarnations, but the most popular is a stone that is completely identical to natural stone. Of course, natural stone can be purchased for such purposes, but you will have to choose its shape yourself and, in case of size mismatch, spend a lot of time crushing and giving the required size. That is why modern designers are increasingly turning to artificial stone, which perfectly imitates natural stone when laying. The material is prepared on the basis of white cement, natural sand, crushed gravel or high quality stone, as well as coloring pigments that give the material the desired shade.

Choosing a decorative stone in the interior of the hallway, you get a combination of the following advantages:

  • the room acquires an unusual design;
  • stone laying does not take much time;
  • if you have experience in laying tiles, you can lay the laying yourself;
  • the stone goes well with other finishing materials;
  • it is convenient for them to decorate corners and separate «islands» on the wall;
  • it is characterized by frost and heat resistance;
  • withstands household mechanical influences.

As you can see, decorative stone is a strong competitor to the usual wallpaper and tiles. In addition, it looks much more original.

Hallway design with stone trim

Before choosing a finish with a stone, you need to consider that its cost is somewhat higher than the cost of classic finishing materials. That is why stone is more often used to decorate individual fragments: niches, door slopes, arches and lower panels. In the case of a hallway, the following options may be applicable:

  1. One wall decoration. Even if you fell in love with a decorative stone with all your heart, then do not rush to decorate the entire corridor with it. After such an experiment, he can stand on a wild cave, and from the abundance of stone, his eyes will begin to ripple. In this case, it is better to finish one wall, whether it is a wall with an entrance door or an adjacent wall.
  2. Separate fragments. You can lay out stone corners in the hallway or the lower part of the walls. Remember that it is not necessary to achieve perfectly smooth edges. They can be arranged in a geometric pattern. If there are several doors in the hallway, then you can decorate the openings with decorative trim — this will make the design more piquant.
  3. Combine materials. When designing a hallway made of decorative stone, you need to refer to other materials. You can continue the “natural” theme and use decorative wooden slats or decorate the floor with cork. Also, the stone can be combined with decorative putty, pastel-colored wallpaper and painted walls.

Remember that when choosing a stone, you are betting on naturalness and naturalness. Give up bright flashy tones in favor of delicate shades of pastel colors. You can play on contrasts if you choose a snow-white brick-like stone, but in the case of a hallway, such a choice would be impractical.

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