Decoration of a children’s room for a girl


Decoration of a children's room for a girl

According to the recommendations of child psychologists, from about the age of 3 years, children have a need for some independence, autonomy. Therefore, from this age, if conditions permit, it is quite possible to allocate a child, a girl in particular, a separate room.

How to decorate a girl’s room?

First of all, when planning the design of a children’s room for a girl, opt for those finishing materials, furniture, textiles that are recommended for use in children’s rooms. All these materials must be absolutely safe, well washed, cleaned and washed. And it’s not a fact that a girl’s room should be decorated in pink with a lot of ruffles, frills, with a white carpet and an openwork table. Little «robbers» are no less than fidget boys. Therefore, the design should be as simple as possible, but certainly convenient and as functional as possible. Of course, pastel colors remain a priority for color design. Forgo fussy decorations and decorative elements in favor of maximum space and natural light. In addition, such an interior can be easily updated over time to meet the changing needs of your growing daughter. Indeed, when designing a room for a teenage girl, one should certainly take into account the changing needs of the child. If for a younger girl it is important to have space for games, then for a teenage girl, in addition to the table for classes, an additional table will already be required on which bottles, vials, and jars can be placed.

At the same time, it is worth considering an artificial lighting system. It should not only be general lighting in the form of a ceiling chandelier. There must be a separate lamp for the desktop, lighting above the bed, ideally even lighting in the closet. And in order for the girl to feel as comfortable and comfortable as possible in her room in her difficult adolescence, involve her in the design of the teenage room for the girl herself.

Decorating a room for two girls

When choosing among the many options for decorating a room for two girls, be guided by some important factors — the age of the children, their relationships, hobbies and, of course, the size of the room. The classic option is the design of a room with a bunk bed. But not all children agree to sleep on the second tier. In this case, we can recommend the option «both beds along the same wall» or the arrangement in the form of the letter «g». Especially this option (the letter «g») is acceptable for small rooms. In this case, it is most advisable to use functional sofas with drawers at the bottom. Such sofas can simultaneously serve as a place to store clothes and various accessories.


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