Combined wallpaper for the bedroom

Combined wallpaper for the bedroom

Of course, you can paste over a room in your apartment with one color, but combining wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom allows us to create amazing things. This is how you can give your cozy nest a unique coziness and originality, making all your girlfriends admire what they saw. There are different techniques that allow you to solve various things — to emphasize an important section of the wall, hide defects, visually change the geometry of space. Let’s try to consider various methods of how to improve the family nest with a few rolls of wallpaper.

How beautiful to combine wallpaper in the bedroom?

Very often we encounter irregular geometry in some apartments. Starting expensive repairs associated with breaking walls, moving partitions, lowering ceilings is not only expensive, but also causes great inconvenience. In addition, such projects are not always approved by the housing department of your home. But often such problems are solved with the help of visual effects. You don’t have to be a magician, David Copperfield, to make guests or household members perceive a narrow room wider and a small room larger. The design of wallpaper for the bedroom can easily change if you use combined wall coverings, consisting of 2 or more types of material.

Here’s a little lesson on how to combine wallpaper in the bedroom. Try to paste over a narrow and long room a little differently than usual. Make sure that your long walls are painted a little lighter than the short ones. There is no need to create a lot of contrast, the difference in shades may not be very big, but this will already help to give the viewer the desired effect by “aligning” a little the side of our rectangle.

In many apartments, the biggest disaster is small rooms and lack of space. Combined wallpaper for a small bedroom will not help to add extra square meters, but still you will feel a little better here. Instead of gloomy burgundy, blue or dark green, try to find a cover in cheerful pastel shades. The same square bedroom can look a little different if only one wall is covered with wallpaper that has a richer color than the rest.

Sometimes there is only one accent wall, but in other cases, designers use other techniques, highlighting two adjacent walls or opposite ones. It all depends on the tasks they set. It has already been said that wallpapers of a more saturated color are used for this. Although you can play not only with colors, but also with the pattern itself, choosing the size of the pattern depending on the situation. The shade on all the walls is the same, but the rhombuses, circles, various flowers or other elements on them are slightly different.

The combination of wallpaper in the living room-bedroom is used for another important matter — the zoning of the room. In this case, bold combinations are sometimes used, highlighting one or another part of the room, depending on its purpose. Portable or static partitions, wallpaper, flooring — all this can be painted in different colors, giving a large room a little coziness, and creating a different mood in opposite parts of it.

There is another task that the combined wallpaper for the walls in the bedroom performs — the use of this material as a decorative element. Sometimes you want to highlight the area above the headboard, decorating it with a spectacular poster or photograph. But you can do it a little differently. Try to place a square piece of some spectacular wallpaper enclosed in a molding frame on a plain wall. They will look here in this form no worse than an expensive painting. Designers even use wallpapers themselves to create various frames or edging. With a good imagination, this ordinary material turns into a real treasure, replacing expensive and meaningless store decorations.

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