Combined bathroom design

Combined bathroom design

Again we return to the solution of the issue of design of small-sized premises. Enough of these were built during the Soviet Union. In particular, in order to save materials and space, the bathrooms were made combined, which to a greater extent was famous for the famous Khrushchev houses of the same type in design. Let’s look at some tricks you can resort to in order to save precious space.

Little tricks and design ideas for a combined bathroom

If the area of ​​​​the room is not large, this implies the obvious fact that plumbing and other necessary furniture should also be selected in small dimensions. Let’s start with the fact that you need to make a decision about what exactly is best suited in terms of design and dimensions for installation in a combined bathroom, bath or shower? Of course, the shower cabin takes up much less space. In addition, you do not take a bath so often, but a shower every day. In the event that you take a shower in the bathroom, and not in the booth, you need to make sure that drops of water do not scatter throughout the bathroom, for this you need a curtain. You will also need to drill holes in the tile for a rope or install a pipe, this is not always convenient and aesthetically pleasing. However, there are people who simply cannot live without a weekly bath routine. In this case, the design of the combined bathroom can be decorated with a sitting bath, which will allow you to bask in warm water and will not take up much space. Try to avoid unnecessary items. In the combined bathroom, you can pick up and install a bath of this design, which will provide for the presence of shelves under the bottom. It is very comfortable. You will not need to install additional bedside tables to place detergents, powders, and other accessories in them.

The design of the combined bathroom with a shower will save you more free space. In addition, you will not need to rack your brains with the installation of curtains. Cabin doors will reliably protect the surrounding area from water drops. A new approach in design solutions for a combined bathroom with a shower or bathtub is the installation of hanging furniture (locker, laundry basket). This allows you to easily carry out wet cleaning. Washing floors becomes a convenient and easy task, because you no longer need to manually wash hard-to-reach places under the cabinets, around the legs.

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