Cabinet with a seat in the hallway


Cabinet with a seat in the hallway

The entrance hall is the first place in the house that welcomes guests. It is very convenient when guests can sit down in the hallway, calmly change their shoes and put themselves in order. For this purpose, you can choose in the hallway: a small sofa, a bench or a cabinet with a seat.

What is a cabinet with a seat?

The cabinet for shoes in the hallway is a shoe rack with a soft seat on top. The standard dimensions of such a pedestal are: 1 m wide, 50-60 cm high, 20-30 cm deep. With such dimensions, the pedestal usually contains several shelves for storing shoes inside. Place the cabinet near the front door, under a mirror or hanger.

Materials for the manufacture of cabinets with a seat

As a material for the production of cabinets with a seat in the hallway use:

  • wood boards (chipboard, MDF, fiberboard);
  • natural wood;
  • metal.

To finish the facade of the pedestal, mirrors, glass, bamboo, metal, leather or velvet inserts are used.

Varieties of cabinets with a seat

There are several basic design options for a hallway cabinet with a soft seat. The most common is a cabinet with a closed shelf for shoes and a soft seat on top. Such a cabinet may include: horizontal or vertical shelves for shoes, small drawers and shelves for small accessories, directly a seat.

The cabinet for shoes in the hallway can be with a seat and open shelves. It is convenient to store seasonal shoes in open shelves: here they are well ventilated and simply folded. But in open shelves, the cells are small, so high boots or boots may not fit. And in such a cabinet it is undesirable to store shoes for a long time, because it is covered with dust.

A kind of pedestal with a seat in the hallway is a bench or a bench with a metal grate for storing seasonal shoes. Bench seat upholstery can be fabric or artificial leather. There is also a bench with a soft seat and chest-shaped closed shelves. And also, a bench with a seat and wide open shelves, in which special baskets for shoes are sometimes placed.

Thus, the range of curbstones for the hallway with a soft seat is huge. And in order not to get lost in this variety, it is worth determining in advance: a place for a cabinet, the required size, material of manufacture and stylistic design. In this case, your cabinet will be a great addition to the interior of the hallway and will delight you for many years.


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