Brick panels for interior wall decoration

brick panels for interior wall decoration

Brick-like wall panels for interior wall decoration are designed to imitate masonry on the surface. These are composite structures of a rectangular shape of given dimensions, on the front side of which there is a pattern that imitates the laying of bricks. They reliably mask all the irregularities of the walls and do not require special preparation of the plane before installation. Such panels can be used for any surface, they are mounted on the frame.

The panels serve for a long period without being transformed or worn out. The popularity of this material is due to its high performance and variety of textures. Outwardly, they do not differ in any way from ordinary bricks.

Varieties of brick panels

The shape of the panels is found in the form of rectangular tiles, long laths or overall sheets. Small rack or tile structures are used to decorate decorative areas — corners, arches, openings.

The most popular are wood paneling, wood waste and plastic.

  1. Brick-like decorative panels for interior decoration from MDF They are normal strength fibreboard. Wood sawdust is pressed under strong pressure, a pattern is squeezed out on the product, which recreates the brick laying. The material is high density, environmentally friendly and resistant to moisture. MDF sheets are the most affordable among other analogues of wood wall panels.
  2. Brick-like plastic wall panels for interior decoration are in demand due to moisture resistance, fire safety and reasonable prices. They are made of polyvinyl chloride, for plasticity, a softener is added to the material. It is plastic plates that are allowed to be used for both internal and external design.
  3. plastic panels are produced in large sheets, if necessary, they can be cut into smaller elements with a conventional hacksaw. The variety of plastic panels is impressive.

Wall panels — a good choice at a minimum cost

The texture of the panels can recreate not only the color of the brick, but also its various laying. Relief masonry looks especially beautiful, giving the walls extra volume. Imitation of brickwork is perfectly combined with other materials for interior design — metal, wood, various paints and plaster.

Designers recommend tiling one wall, not all. Thus, such decor will not overload the interior. The color should be selected with a soft palette, without the presence of aggressive tones. Bright brick is usually used for a small wall fragment to focus on the desired area.

You can find panels for interior decoration not only under red brick, but also under white silicate. Light material looks especially elegant, it is appropriate to use it in a Scandinavian, minimalist interior, for a Provence style or a loft. Light and gray-white panels create a feeling of coolness and free space in the interior. White brick effect panels, which have many shades, can be successfully used in bedrooms or living rooms, where they will be perfectly combined with other materials. This finish is widely used for facing wet rooms — bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, crowded corridor. It not only looks decorative, but is also easy to care for.

Convenient and practical panels make it possible to beautifully transform a room in a short time, reproduce the structure of natural material and simplify repairs. Such material brings notes of novelty to the interior.

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