Bedroom for a girl

Bedroom for a girl

Decided to make repairs in the nursery? You have hard work ahead of you. Remember, starting from the age of 4, the opinion of the child should be taken into account. Of course, he will not be able to choose materials for walls, ceiling or floor, curtains or carpet. But he will definitely be able to orient in his color preferences. Involve your child in the work process as much as possible.

Color options for a girl’s bedroom

When deciding on a color scheme, start not only from general preferences, but also from the psychotype, temperament of the child. The atmosphere will favorably influence the development of the personality of the inhabitant of the room. Even if the child is categorical and wants, for example, black wallpaper, you can compromise — dilute the black wall with white drawings, light blinds or bright furniture. Try to delay as long as possible the moment when the technique fits into the decor of the girl’s bedroom.

A bedroom for a girl with a pink theme is perhaps the first association that arises when discussing this topic. This is the classic approach. Psychologists consider beige, white, turquoise, green, blue, orange, and including pink tones the most favorable for a girl’s bedroom decor. Green shades calm the nervous system. This color is especially useful for children. Blue, yellow, orange resemble the sky, which means they improve mood. Pastel shades are a versatile option.

A white bedroom for a girl is suitable for owners of any temperament, calms and visually increases the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. If desired, you can add a few bright spots, the room will still remain airy.

Teenage, especially children’s space should be colorful, diverse, so it is better to use a certain combination of colors for surface finishing. The golden combination is a pale tone paired with a bright one. Neutral walls go well with bright furniture for a teenage girl’s bedroom and vice versa.

Zoning basics

First you need to divide the room into zones: for recreation, games, study, receiving guests. Space zoning is a solution that will make the interior of a girl’s bedroom even more expressive. This effect can be achieved using murals for girls’ bedrooms: only one wall will be involved. Wallpaper for the bedroom of a teenage girl can have a different texture, be of different colors. Use carpets.

The furniture separates the room well. It must be reliable, high quality and multifunctional. Most often these are wooden products, a minimum of glass and metal, a maximum of upholstery. A modular wardrobe in the bedroom for a girl is desirable, she must independently get the contents of the upper shelves. Pull-out wardrobes are welcome in the bed, a chest of drawers, a mirror, a dressing table will not interfere. In youth bedrooms for girls, comfort is especially appreciated, an armchair with a folding mechanism will add coziness, in addition, this is an extra bed in your home. The presence of all sorts of knick-knacks is especially important for a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Lighting is not the last place, this item is especially important in the bedroom for a newborn girl, when the light should not be too bright and harsh. Additional floor lamps make it possible to play with light. Curtains for a girl in the bedroom can be thin or thicker, blinds are not recommended, as they do not add comfort. It will be difficult for my daughter to open / close the window on her own.

The design of a children’s bedroom for a girl should also have a work area, place it near the window. There should be a lamp on the table.

There are many ideas for decorating a girl’s bedroom. The design can be the most diverse. Use stickers, voluminous figures, funny wallpapers, unusual furniture, shaggy carpets — the main thing is that your child is happy with the changes.

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