Bath with an attic and a terrace

Bath with an attic and a terrace

Currently, the bath is considered a place for a wonderful holiday and an indispensable attribute of a good home. Increasingly, two-story baths are being built, because they significantly save the area on the site, besides, on the second floor you can arrange a rest room, which will serve as a bedroom in the summer.

What is more profitable?

It is more profitable to build a bath with an attic, rather than a two-story bath. From the attic, you can equip a wonderful living room instead of a whole country house.

Usually a bath with an attic is built from timber or by combining different materials: for example, the first floor is made of logs, the second is wooden. Frame baths with an attic also look good, especially sheathed with siding. Brick ones do resemble an architectural masterpiece.

Baths with terraces — what and how?

Projects of two-story baths with terraces are becoming more and more popular. It is especially fashionable now to build baths with an open terrace. The terrace is an open area in front of the entrance where you can install a barbecue oven, a table with chairs, sun loungers and even a pool. You can arrange a sunbathing area here. It depends on the size of the terrace and the desires of the owners. A comfortable size will be approximately 8 square meters, however, if you are going to receive a large number of guests, it is better to immediately increase the area. When planning a bath with a terrace, you need to remember that the building of the bath must close the terrace from the wind, otherwise you will have to make it glazed.

The bathhouse with a glazed terrace has a good appearance, is very comfortable and will be a wonderful place for joint tea parties. If desired, you can turn the cottage into a kind of entertainment center by installing a billiards in the attic.

A well-thought-out bath design will help you build a reliable, comfortable and modern building at your summer cottage at minimal cost.

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