Art Nouveau living room


living room in modern style

As an interior style, Art Nouveau arose at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. The style is based not on new motifs and forms, but on a unifying decor and a combination of designs. In interior design, modern is the most sought-after style after classics and empire. In this style, you can decorate any room.

We make the design of the living room in the Art Nouveau style correctly

There are three levels of using Art Nouveau in the interior:

  • radical, when an exact copy of the style is created;
  • large-scale decorative, in which only a few structural elements of style dominate;
  • superficially lightweight, creating a touch of style.

One of these levels will help you create a modern living room interior. The third level allows you to save money and give the living room a certain stylistic touch. In the design of the living room in Art Nouveau style, the emphasis is on stylized natural motifs. A smoothly curving floral ornament, an incoming wave, butterfly wings, flowers, peacock feathers — all these Art Nouveau motifs are simply irreplaceable!

Another principle of Art Nouveau is curved outlines and the complete absence of straight sharp lines. This should manifest itself in every element of the interior — forged cornices, decorative handles, rounded window and door openings, etc.

Finishing the surfaces of the living room

Living room surface finishing should bring the interior closer to nature. The walls can be covered with fabric with floral patterns, painted in pastel colors and painted, or pasted over with wallpaper with a fabric texture, add a floral border.

Doors in Art Nouveau style, too, in all details should be distinguished by their decorative effect.

The windows are decorated with tulle and curtains to match the walls. Stained glass windows are a great solution. Asymmetrical curtains in the modern living room made of organza and tulle with a floral motif will fit perfectly.

The upholstery of furniture should also repeat natural graceful patterns, and the fabric of the pillows should echo the fabric of the curtains. The ceiling in the Art Nouveau living room is often decorated with paintings or stucco.

The ideal material for the floor in the Art Nouveau living room is parquet, which is now being replaced with more affordable counterparts. The forms of the pattern on the parquet must also be plastic.

living room lighting

Light in the interior plays a very important role, especially when the living room is made in modern style. If you place the lights correctly, you will emphasize the stylistic idea of ​​\u200b\u200byour living room! Lighting can be functional or decorative.

The living room should have an adequate level of background light. Avoid deep shadows in the corners. For a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the living room, you will need at least three light sources of varying intensity, located at different levels. Scattered or reflected light will visually enlarge the space. Pay attention to the shape of the lamp, for the Art Nouveau style it should be elegant.

Furniture, appliances, living room accessories

Art Nouveau living room furniture plays a dominant role. It should be distinguished by smooth curved shapes. Carving, forging, inlay with stones and expensive metals are the hallmarks of furniture in this style.

Many connoisseurs of Art Nouveau choose furniture from Italy for their living room. Italian living rooms modern living room designArt Nouveau combines an unusual author’s design, conciseness of forms and high practicality.

A round-shaped table and Viennese chairs will complement the interior well.

Modern technology will organically fit into the interior of the living room in modern style. It does not need to be masked, on the contrary, it will play a decorative role.

There are many options for accessories. In any case, depending on the design of each living room, the selection of accessories will be individual.


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