What lining is better for a bath?

Which lining is better for a bath

The final stage of any construction work is the finishing of the premises. The construction of a bath is no exception. The most popular material used for finishing baths today is lining, and it is better to use natural materials for bath sheathing, they will make the room cozy and attractive. Therefore, lining, for example, made of plastic in a bath is not suitable, since it cannot cope with high temperature and humidity.

The steam room in the bath is most often sheathed with wooden clapboard. It is environmentally friendly, easy to process, moisture resistant, perfectly retains heat. In addition, such lining will serve you for many years.

Types of wooden lining for a bath

An excellent option for finishing the bath will be a lining made of coniferous and deciduous trees. Let’s find out which clapboard is better to sheathe a bath.

  1. Linden lining for a bath warms up easily and quickly, but you will never burn your skin with it. And due to the fact that this wood cools slowly, lime lining is very often used for wall decoration in a steam room. In addition, linden wood gives off a pleasant aroma of honey, and essential oils have a beneficial effect on humans.
  2. Similar to linden and aspen wood. Aspen lining for a bath exudes a slightly bitter smell. It is particularly hard, so it will serve you for a long time. However, when buying such a lining, pay attention to the fact that all the planks are without knots, since leaning against them in the steam room, you can get burned.
  3. The lining made of black alder, also called royal wood, is extremely popular. She is not afraid of either water or steam, does not deform and has many beautiful shades.
  4. Cedar lining for a bath can be distinguished by its unusual aroma and reddish color. Bathing in a bath with cedar lining is useful for people with diseases of the upper respiratory tract and heart.
  5. Another type of lining made of wood is pine. This option is the cheapest, it cannot be used in a steam room, as the pine gets very hot and you can burn yourself by touching it. This lining is used for washing or dressing room, where it is not so hot.

As you can see, lining can be of various types, so which one is better for a bath is up to you.

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