Wallpaper for a small bedroom


Wallpaper for a small bedroom

Not all people can boast of a large bedroom, many have to huddle in Khrushchev or attic. Some make redevelopment, trimming one room in order to win elsewhere. But radical methods require capital investments and long red tape with documentation. Therefore, it is worth being smart, acting in completely different, more creative ways. The question of what wallpaper to glue in a bedroom with a small area worries many housewives. It requires a special approach and some knowledge of how using visual techniques you can slightly improve your modest life.

Wallpaper for a small bedroom

The color of the wallpaper in a small bedroom decides almost everything. This is especially true for rooms that are devoid of bright natural lighting. The yellowish tint of the surface slightly compensates for the missing sunlight. It has been noticed that matte wallpapers absorb light, so opt for a glossy material, it has better reflectivity.

What wallpaper to choose for a small bedroom with low ceilings? Remember how short girls become a little taller when they put on a striped dress. Here, this technique also works flawlessly, the vertical pattern will really make the bedroom more spacious. It is better not to use a wide border in a room with low ceilings. This decoration will worsen the picture even more. But it will be appropriate when you have a small but high bedroom.

A narrow bedroom can be improved by covering one of the walls with wallpaper with a pattern slightly larger than on the other walls. This technique slightly pushes the space, visually «stretching» it in the right direction. Try to follow one principle — do not use too bright or dark wallpapers with a large contrasting pattern in a small room. They are able to «steal» space. But light wallpaper with beige, cream, sand, pink, peach or other delicate shade for a small bedroom is perfect.


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